How To Find IP Of A Device Which You Have Forgot ? Find Your Device’s Login IP Or Management IP

how to find IP of your device


In Digital Headend system it have seen many times that we sometimes forget the management IP of devices like Encoder , QAM or Decoder etc. Which results we can not open the device and can not configure it.

Also when we receive the old second hand device then we do not know the login IP of that device. Which is very uncomfortable for a Headend Engineer or Network Engineer.

Also we can not reset the device because we do not want to lose the configuration of device. Also default management IP of a device is not working (someone have changed it).

In this situation there is one way to find the Management IP of your device in a very easy manner. Which we are going to discuss below in this article.

How To Find IP Of My Device ?

If you want to find IP of your device then you just need to follow these simple steps to find out it,

(1) Download and install the Advanced IP Scanner in your laptop.

(2) Now connect Management Cable with your device and laptop.

(3) Run the Advanced IP Scanner now. Then put the IP range which you want to scan for your device to find it. For Example IP range can be or for time scan

advanced ip scanner

(4) Also give your laptop Management IP in this scanning range. Then press the SCAN button. As shown in the screen shot below,

find ip in advanced ip scanner

(5) Now it will automatically find the devices in your network. Then this software will list you Name Of Device , IP Of Device , Manufacturer of Device & MAC Address Of Device.

As shown in the screen shot below,

find ip device in ip scanner

It will list all the devices connected in your network. Then you can easily find the device IP and can access it.

You can use this tool to find the IPs in your Private Network and Public Network too.

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What Are Additional Features Of Advanced IP Scanner ?

(1) It enable us for Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote desktop find device ip

(2) It enable us for Radmin Viewer. If Radmin Server is installed in your server then only you can access server from here.

radmin viewer find device ip

(3) It enable us for File Transfer Protocol. So that you can transfer your file in another PC or server.

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(4) It enable us to Shut Down the remote computer.


Advanced IP Scanner is a very small but very good tool. It pings the IP in the given range after successful ping it will list your all devices in that IP range.

This tool helpful because we need not to reset the device. Which prevent us from losing the current configuration of device. Also it is free to use tool.

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