How Android STBs Are Tested Using STB Tester ? How Android STB Tester Works ?

Android STB Tester


In our previous article we have discuss about STB Tester For DVBC , DVBS2 & DVBT2 etc. Where RF analyzer was also available.

But on the other hand,

In this article we will understand testing of Android STBs which are not having RF input port like Roku box or any android OS based STBs. These boxes are for streaming media only.

So how test these smart stbs by using compact and smart tool explained below,

What Is Android STB Tester ?

Android STB Tester

Android STB Tester is a a testing device used for the testing of Android STBs. Which performs Reliability Testing , Functional Testing, Performance Testing and Customize Testing too.

This tester is connected in between STB and Laptop. Where it shows logs and histograms on your laptop.

How Android STB Tester Works ?

Android STB Tester working

The android STB tester is connected with STB with two cables. Where One cable is IR Cable and second one cable is HDMI Cable.

One side of IR cable is having USB port which connect with STB tester. other end of this cable is having IR transmitter which is connected on the IR receiver of STB.

roku box connections for testing

Thus STB receive the IR signals from tester and gives the HDMI output to the tester via HDMI cable.

A CAT5 cable is also connected with the STB tester and Laptop to access the tester for viewing logs. So stb tester gives the commands to the stb via IR cable and it reflects in laptop.

How These Tests Are Applied ?

Android STB Tester tests

(1) Performance Testing

The performance tests can be measured by measuring the time duration switching from one channel to another channel. It is not measured for 2 to 3 times while it can be measured for hundreds of times continuously.

In this type of testing there is a script which runs the tester for a given period of time on the stb and counts its time duration. This scripts is shown below,

def test_channel_change():
start = time.time()
assert wait_until(Lambda: is_screen_black(mask=image))
assert wait_until(Lambda: not is_screen_black(mask=image))
with open(“timings.json” , “w”) as f:
json.dump({“channel_change”: end-start }, f)

So when this scripts will run then stb first will go to the channel number 250. Then it will press the channel Up button. Then it will start to count the time.

Then it will count the time until next channel image is found. After that it will stop to count the time.

Thus you can run this script for a long period of time like 1 hour continuously in auto mode. Then after you can find the log report and histogram of this testing.

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(2) Functional Testing

Functional testing is done to note that how well all the functions of stb is working. It is navigating in the right manner or not. It is navigating the menu as per given command by remote or not.

Thus functional testing also plays very important role in it.

(3) Customize Testing

This is the one of the good option provided in this type of STB tester. Because in some cases you need to customize your test by impleminting your personal scripts on stb.

So here you need to create a test command. Then you need wirte the script in that test command to execute it.

For example,

If you want to search for particular image or icon in your homepage is available or not. Then you can customize your script for that and can run it.

It gives more freedom to developers to test these stbs.

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What Are Features Of Android STB Tester ?

(1) It enable you for Performance Testing.

(2) It enable you for Functional Testing.

(3) It enable you for Customize Testing.

(4) It enable you to customize the functions of your Virtual Remote through which you gives the command to STB. You can change the placement of power key , channel up key , volume key and menu key.

(5) You can also perform these tests on other your devices too which are not having HDMI output. These devices can be smartohones and tablets etc.

In this case you need to use camera of this tester.


The basic function behind this Android STB Tester is that it sends the commands through IR and then checks the HDMI output. Which is reflected on our Laptop screen.

Customize STB Testing is very useful for STB Research And Development Centers and STB Manufacturers too.

These kind of testers are having monthly rental after baying. Which can be around $300. Where a one year subscription will be cheap for you.

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