DVB CSA Digital Video Broadcasting Common Scrambling Algorithm

dvb csa

Introduction Of DVB CSA

Before reading the article we need to have some basic knowledge of cryptography. Likewise cipher sometimes it is also called cypher. So cipher is an algorithm used for the encryption or decryption. This algorithm is applied to element of data to convert it in code for security.

So now in this article we will discuss about what is DVB CSA and how does DVB CSA works.


wha is dvb csa

DVB CSA is acronym for Digital Video Broadcasting Common Scrambling Algorithm. Common Scrambling Algorithm was introduced by the ETSI. After that it was adopted by the DVB. DVB CSA is a system used to protect your sensitive data for long period of time.

There are three versions of CSA available. These versions are CSA1, CSA2 and CSA3. But CSA1 have been compromised or hacked. While CSA2’s situation is still not clear. CSA3 is advanced Common Scrambling Algorithm version. CSA3 is used in IPTV system in standard mode.

Working Of DVB CSA

dvb csa common scrambling algorithm

DVB CSA Version 3 is a algorithm which can be implemented as hardware or software. There are basically two parts of DVB CSA3 known as Scrambling Technology & Descrambling System which forms a DVB CSA3In Transport Stream scrambling CSA is implemented on payload of data packet.

CSA1 uses 64 bit key to Encrypt & Decrypt the data blocks. While CSA3 uses 128 bit key to Encrypt & Decrypt the data blocks.

There are two ciphers in CSA named as Block Cipher & Stream Cipher. First 64 bit Block Cipher is applied to encrypt the data. After that Stream Cipher is applied. The Block Cipher takes 56 rounds for the processing of 64 bit blocks. While in case of Steram Cipher first 32 rounds are for starting process only which do not gives any output.

Scrambling Algorithm is cipher algorithm is used to protect the content in stream. There are two types of Scrambling Algorithms,

(1) Software Oriented Scrambling Algorithm

This type of algorithm is easy to use in hardware and software too. Also it gives better results in hardware as well as in software. It should be used primarily in software.

(2) Hardware Oriented Scrambling Algorithm

It is very easy to use in hardware and also gives better performance. While it is hard to use in software. Also it is costly to use in software.

Overall concept is that if there there is Software Oriented Scrambling Algorithm then it mean to use in hardware and software both. On the other hand if there is Hardware Oriented Scrambling Algorithm then it mean to use in Hardware only.

The manufactures of scrambler needs to have license of CSA3 Descrambling System. After selling these scramblers from manufactures to service providers they need to provide them a sub license for using these scramblers.

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Conclusion Of DVB CSA

Digital Video Broadcasting Common Scrambling Algorithm is used to encrypt the DVB stream. Three versions have launched of DVB CSA as DVB CSA1, DVB CSA2 and DVB CSA3. Right now it is not recommended to for CSA1  because it was made to give security for at least one decade that have elapsed.

If you want to go for IPTV system then you should use CSA version 3 because it will provides better security to your system.

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