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What Is Roku & How Does Roku Work?

What is Roku and How Does Roku Work even what is Kodi and How does kodi work these questions are asked many times.

So today in this article we will cover What is roku and how does roku work. While KODI in upcoming articles.

What Is Roku

what is roku stick

Roku is a operating system installed on a hardware device which can be STB or a small Stick in shape & size. This device have wired and wireless connectivity with internet. There are various apps available in market which can be installed in Roku operating system. These Apps are used  to watch tv services and movies in roku. Example of these Apps are NETFLIX, Youtube, Amazon, Hulu and Sling Tv.

In Other Words,

Roku enable you to watch free and paid tv channels online more than 3000 in numbers. Where this content can be live or pre recorded. it also allows you to watch movies online and you can also play the games in it. Roku makes your normal LED Tv to Smart Tv.

How Does Roku Work

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You need to just connect your roku box HDMI port with your TV. Then you need to power it on. If you are first time user then you need to sign up for Roku ID. then login to your roku operating system. Now you need to install different apps as per your need like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

It is like enhancing the functions of your ordinary set top top. Because it enable you on demand functions. You can watch the serial when you want and wherever you want just by connecting your internet. Some of the serials are provided in a way that they are aired today and will be available on roku tomorrow. Because service providers enable roku streaming next day.

Roku box also facilitate us to connect your hard drive for playing the movies and music. It supports various formats of hard drives like FAT32, NTFS and HFS+. If you are searching for something in this box then you need not to type your words while you need to speak your searching  words in roku remote. Because it supports voice commands. Also if you forgot where you put the remote of roku box then you can also search it by pressing a button on roku box. After pressing this button your roku remote wil start beep.

A free of cost android app is also provided by roku to control the roku box.

Roku Tv Channels & Services

  • NETFLIX  (Subscription Base)
  • YouTube   (Free & a la carte
  • Hulu  (Subscription Base)
  • Sling Tv  (Subscription Base)
  • Amazon Instant Videos  (Subscription Base & a la carte)
  • Crackle   (Free)
  • SKY News (Free)
  • Pandora   (free & Subscription Base)
  • HBO GO  (Subscription Base)
  • FandangoNOW  (a la carte)
  • CBS All Access  (Subscription Base)
  • NBA  (Subscription Base)


Features Of Roku Box

  • Roku Box have wired & Wireless internet connectivity.
  • Roku Box have HDMI output interface which provides us 1080p High Definition videos.
  • Roku Box comes with remote.
  • You can listen songs by connecting your earphones in roku remote.
  • Roku Box have Remote finder facility
  • Roku Box have voice enabled remote Facility
  • Optical audio port is available here to connect it with your home audio system.
  • USB Ports Are available for connectivity.
  • Micro SD slot is also given to expand the storage for content.

How To Buy Roku

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Conclusion Of What Is Roku

Roku is a smart device, installed roku operating system in it which allow us to install various apps like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu to watch the content online in OTT platform. This device is connected with internet in wired or wireless manner.  It comes in two different sizes like standard Set Top Box size or a small stick size which makes your standard tv to smart tv.

Roku is a independent device use wherever your want whenever you want just connecting with internet watch free and paid content online. This is all about What Is Roku.

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