Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Second Hand Digital Headend ? Save Your Money Now !

important before buying second hand headend


There are lot of startups going in india rapidly. Some of them are entering in the broadcasting industry or streaming media industry.

Everyone wants to reduce the cost of equipemtns by implementing the new technology devices or by any medium. Some of them wants to enter in this field by buying second hand devices to just start their business.

They first apply for their MSO DAS License and after getting it they started to think buying right products for them. Then they get to know there are lot of premium second hand digital headends available at low price range.

Then they started to buy it without any knowing the important factors hidden behind it. Because there are lot of important factors hidden behind it which we needs to know before buying any second hand devices from the open market.

Here we are not saying do not buy second hand devices while meaning of this article is consider following points before buying a second hand digital headend. Which will be helpful for you.

Lets now discuss these points step by step,

Important Things Before Buying Second Hand Headend

(1) Device Status

Device Status

This is the very first thing which you should check before buying a second hand digital headend.

Suppose if you are buying a complete digital headend setup which is already configured. Then make it in running situation then check its output. Also apply different commands , service addition and deletion , STB activation and deactivation etc. then check its output on stbs.

If it is possible then let digital headend run for at least 24 hours to check its situation. Because some devices gets hang after running sometime.

So there are various technical commands which a headend engg needs to apply and check its output on stbs.

Hire a Headend Engg to perform these actions. Because there are lot of freelance headend engg available in the market to do so.

Let us know if you are interested to hire a Freelance Headend Engg for Digital Headend Testing. Contact Us

(2) Technical Support

Technical Support

The second hand devices which are buying check the technical support for them from vendor. The manufacturer of device is providing the technical support for these specific devices or not.

Why we are saying so ?

Because suppose if the manufacturer have stopped providing technical support for old devices then after buying it if you faced any major problem then how your headend engg will resolve it ?

So do not forget to cross check with the manufacturer of device that they are still providing technical support for these devices or not. If yes then go head.

(3) Technology Changes

 Technology Changes for buying second hand digital headend

You need to also check which technology devices you are going to buy. How long they can survive in market with competitors. Do not go for old technology devices.

For Example,

In case of Analog Headend – There is no any value of analog headend devices like Modulators. Because Analog Headend are no more in india.

On the other hand,

In case of Digital Headend – If you are going to buy MPEG 2 Encoders then you can not survive in market for long period of time.

Because new encoders like MPEG 4 encoders are available in market that are updated with some new features with updated guidelines by TRAI

Secondly if you are using MPEG 4 Encoders in your Digital Headend then you can run more number of services in limited amount of bandwidth that is allocated for MPEG 2 Encoders.

(4) Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility for buying second hand digital headend

Always check the compatibility of devices. The device which you are buying is compatible with your other devices or not.

For example,

You are buying old encoders which are giving only ASI output and you need IP out from them to configure your IP Headend. Then it will be trouble with you.

Because to resolve this issue you need again need to buy ASI to IP Converter. Which will be expensive thing for you.

(5) Licensing

Licensing for buying second hand digital headend

Licensing also plays very important in buying a second hand digital headend. To understand this thing lets have a example of QAM,

A single device QAM is used to perform various things in it like Multiplexing, Scrambling and RF Conversion etc.

So if you are buying a QAM then you need to check it is having scrambling license and RF license etc or not. Because a single device can have multiple licenses to perform various functions available in it.

(6) Original Bills

Original Bills for buying second hand digital headend

You need to collect the original bills for the devices you are buying. Take this thing on priority basis.

(7) NOC

noc for buying second hand digital headend

Here NOC represents No Objection Certificate. You need to have it before buying a second hand digital headend.

For Example,

You are buying second hand set top boxes from someone. Then you need to also collect a NOC from him. Which means he have sold you STBs and you can white list these STBs on your network.

(8) Pricing

buying price of second hand digital headend

Pricing factor totally depends upon your negotiation skills.

Technically you need to compare it will current price of this new device with old device time duration and device status.

TIP : Always try to buy headend devices in bulk. Which will reduce your pricing and headache. Because there are high chances of good device health too.

What Headend INFO Research Says ?

Headend INFO Research

Headend INFO Research says that instead of buying premium second hand headend devices buy new standard devices for your business.

We daily receive many calls regarding digital headend devices buying and selling. Some of LCO have bought large number of Set Top Boxes from someone else but they are useless for them now.

So above mentioned points will be very helpful for them to take their decision in buying and selling used devices.

If you still wants to know more about Digital Headends then you can also consider our Headend INFO Books.

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How To Buy Second Hand or Used Headend Devices ?

buying second hand digital headend

Headend INFO is having a online portal to meet sellers with buyers. We called it Buy Sell Portal.

Where sellers can list there devices with contact numbers. Then buyers can check this listing and make a contact with sellers on mentioned numbers.

Also do not forget to consider Headend INFO Store in case you want to get RS232 Cables for your Set Top Boxes to upgrade the firmware.


In this article we have covered all the point which should be noted down before buying a second hand or used digital headend.

You need also focus on the technical support point. Which is necessary for you to have it from its providers.

Hopefully this will help the startups to make their decision more efficient.

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