What Is NSG 9000 40G Hecto QAM ? How It Works & Features ?

nsg 9000 40g qam


When the things comes in terms of Digital Headend QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulator) plays very important role in it.

As we always says ” QAM Is The Heart Of Digital Headend “

We have explained various types of QAMs like,

(1) Arris D5

(2) Teleste Luminato

(3) Gospell QAM

(4) Harmonic Bnsg 9000

Although previously we have explained about Bnsg 9000 too, but this is new NSG 9000 40G HectoQAM Universal Edge QAM by harmonic . Which is having some advanced features in it.

So today in this article we will explain this new NSG 9000 40G QAM. Its working and features too.

What Is NSG 9000 40G Hecto QAM ?

nsg 9000 40g hecto wam front panel

NSG 9000 40G HectoQAM is a Harmonic Product as show above in image. It is high density QAM which provides 648 QAM as output.

It is highly scalable universal high density qam. It is 2 Rack Unit device. It was designed to support various applications like SDV , M-CMTS, DTE (Direct To Edge) for IPTV, Broadcasting and VOD too.

Above image explains its front panel. Where primary configuration is done to access this device. In which we use LCD Screen and navigation keys. Status of its RF Modules are shown as LEDs.

Cooling Fans are there to maintain its temperature. Its operating temperature can be 0 degree centigrade to 20 degree centigrade. This front panel can be detached.

How Does NSG 9000 40G Hecto QAM Works ?

nsg 9000 40g hecto wam back panel

image credit : harmonic

As shown above in the image this is the back panel of Harmonic’s NSG 9000 40G high density qam.

This QAM is used to perform various tasks in headends like,



RF Conversion

Remapping etc

This high density QAM have standard device architecture. This 2RU device have 9 RF modules. Each RF module have 2 RF output ports. Each RF port support maximum 36 QAM.

So each RF Module have 36+36 = 72 QAMs. Total 9 modules have 9*72=648 QAMs. Which makes this device very high density QAM.

Simultaneously it have 4 Gig ports of 1 Gbps and 4 Gig ports of 10 Gbps which supports SFP and SFP+ respectively. Where you can also use normal SFP in 10 Gig ports because it is also compatible for that.

It does have 2 DTI ports (DOCSIS Time Interface). It have one ASI Port to monitor the Transport Streams in Stream Analyzer.

You can also adjust the RF Output Power Level of streams.

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How To Manage NSG 9000 40G Hecto QAM ?

Username : configure

Password : configure

You can manage it in the following three ways,

(1) CLI

You can manage it by using CLI (Command Line Interface). It is done by Serial.

(2) MCT Tool

This is called the Mass Configuration Tool. This is powerful tool to manage the NSG 9000 QAM. Because you can configure multiple QAMs by using this tool.

We called it powerful tool because you can upgrade the firmware of the QAM by using the MCT. You can also restore and backup the QAM by using this tool

(3) SNMP and NMS

These two things are used to Monitor this QAM.

What Are Features Of NSG 9000 40G Hecto QAM ?

(1) High Density QAM because it supports 648 QAM.

(2) Multiple Virtual QAMs can be generated in it. Which can be integrated with systems.

(3) RF Output Power Level can be adjusted for each qam port.

(4) Power Supplies are hotswappable to minimize downtime of services.

(5) RF Modules are hotswappable to minimize the downtime

(6) It is secured system to resist unwanted traffic.


QAM is used for multiplexing, scrambling and RF Conversion etc. NSG 9000 40G is a high density qam because it provides 648 QAMs output. It gets total 44 Gb as input because it does have four 1 Gbps ports and four 10 Gbps ports.

Practically one 1Gig port will have traffic of 960 MBps and in case of 10 Gig port 9.60 Gb.

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