Quality Aware ABR Streaming Per Scence Adaption

Quality Aware ABR


Adaptive Bitrate ABR is a function performed by Transcoder for proper delivery of content to subscriber end devices with low bandwidth consumption over network. It provides various bitrate of same video which makes easy for the players to choose the right bitrate for playing the content according to subscriber’s network compatibility.

This is the working of Traditional ABR while Quality Aware ABR provides a add on in Traditional ABR streaming. So in this article we will discuss about What Is Quality Aware ABR & Working Of Quallity Aware ABR.

What Is Quality Aware ABR Streaming

In traditional Adaptive Bitrate technique the data cant be viewed by the human eyes. There are many simple segments available while encoding which doesn’t actually needs high bandwidth consumption. These kinds of simple segments can be replaced with low bitrate segments while maintaining the same quality output at user end.

By saving this bandwidth consumption we can utilize it in delivery of high bitrate scenes with high quality which results great subscriber end viewing experience. So it works on the formula that save bandwidth from simple scenes and utilize it in quality scenes. Which results better picture quality in same bandwidth consumption. It save maximum 30% CDN bandwidth cost.

Working Of Quality Aware ABR Streaming

standard adaption behaviour ABR

As shown above in the figure there are some complex segments and some simple segments. Where as we can see in the pictures that simple segments are having low bitrate while complex segments are having high bitrate. Complex segments are having high bitrate because there object is moving fastly with its background.

Now you can see a path denoted in red color. This patch is according to Standard Adaption Behavior. We can see clearly in the figure this standard Adaption have not selected the low bitrate segments to make lower bandwidth consumption.

per scene adaption behaviour ABR

As you can see in above figure that per scene adaption behavior have selected the different segments for saving the bandwidth of network. It have selected total three low bitrate segments for bandwidth saving of network. This saved bandwidth it used in selection of one extra complex segment which results better video quality delivery to subscriber. Per Scene Adaption is the working of Quality Aware ABR.

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metadata Quality Aware ABR

At the time of encoding a metadata is created and sent with stream to the video player at subscriber side. Now this video player analysis the metadata and calls for low bitrate segments where we can save bandwidth without affecting the quality of video for subscriber. This metadata helps the player when to call high bitrate segments for delivery of better picture qualtiy.


Quality Aware ABR is more efficient than Standard ABR because it reduces the CDN cost upto 30%. Quality Aware ABR works on the basis of per scene adaption by selecting the low bitrate segment without affecting the user experience.

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