What Is EyeQ Technology Of Harmonic Explanation & Features

EyeQ Technology

Introduction Of EyeQ Technology

ai eyeq technology algorithm

As we all knows OTT industry is growing rapidly. People are watching video online very much for entertainment and for time saving purpose too. So in this Era of OTT industry every subscriber wants high quality videos in low bandwidth consumption. Which is the great challenge for OTT service providers.

OTT Service Providers are always in search of how to reduce content bandwidth consumption by using great compression techniques or by any other means. Because it is beneficial for both subscribers and service providers too.  Low bandwidth consumption reduces the service providers CDN cost and it is also good for subscriber because they will get high quality content in low bandwidth consumption.

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Although there are great compression algorithms are available like H.264. But H.264 is still not enough for OTT service providers. It is still a bit complex algorithm for implementation in OTT Headend.

Then service providers needs to go for H.265 codec. It is the latest one. It provides high picture quality in low bandwidth consumption. But still there is a problem because it is costly setup for new OTT service provider and also for established OTT services provider. Because a established service provider need to upgrade his headend to H.265 codec which result high costing.

 So in today’s Era it will be better for a OTT Service Provider that he reduces his cost by implementing some new Technology in his existing headend (which is on H.264 Codec). He need not to do any major changes in existing infrastructure. Which can be done by implementing a PURE Compression Engine EyeQ Technology By Streaming Media Industry Giant Harmonic.

What Is EyeQ Technology

eyeq technology algorithm

A EyeQ Technology is a Harmonic’s product which gets the benefits of HVS (Human Visual System) for reducing the cost of OTT Service Providers.  It is the enhancement of Harmonic’s PURE Compression Engine Technology.

Although we know that harmonic have done lot of research in this industry also have lot of patents for Compression Techniques which result EyeQ Technology. Harmonic uses the Artificial Intelligence in EyeQ Algorithm for low bandwidth consumption.  It reduces the bandwidth consumption near about 50 %.

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Working Of EyeQ Technology

eyeq technology hvs

To understand the EyeQ Technology we need to first understand the term Human Visual System.  Our eyes are more sensitive for changes in contrast rather than changes in luminance. Which means if change the contrast level of video it will be quickly observed by our eyes while in case of luminance not so.

When a light fall on our eyes then it enters in our eye lenses and fall on ratina. The ratina have structure of Roads and Cones. Where roads are responsible for low light vision. It can not detect the difference in color. While on the other hand Cones are responsible for high intensity light vision and it can detect the change in colors.

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So roads and cones reads the light of different wavelength (Lembda). Then it sends to Ganglion Cells via Neurons.  These ganglion cells makes the receptive field which receive the light from Roads and Cones. As shown above in the figure there are two types of receptive field (RF) ,

(1) Off center

It provides the great response when the surrounding area is exposed by light while center area is not.

(2) On Center

It provides the great response when the center area is exposed by light and surrounding area is not.

Now this working of receptive field according to light in ganglion cells makes our eyes more sensitive for contrast and less sensitive for luninance.

Thus in this EyeQ Technology Video Compression algorithm works on luminace part which results no effect on subscribers visual experience. Which saves bandwidth consumption for service providers.

Features Of EyeQ Technology

  • CDN Cost saving for service providers.

  • Better user experience at low data rate for subscribers.

  • Chunks of video are downloaded fastly which start video fastly.

  • If a IP Packet is lost then it recovered fastly

  • Lower The Buffering time.


EyeQ Technology is AI based smart algorithm which gets the benefits of working of human eyes and provides 50 percent less bandwidth consumption for OTT services providers. Which beneficial for subscribers as well as for service providers too.

We need to say that harmonic have done deep research on how human eyes works. Then it made a smart algorithm according to working of human eyes for saving the bandwidth consumption.

Thus this smart EyeQ Algorithm works on specific part of the video which is not sensitive for human eyes.

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reference : harmonic

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