Best Streaming Software Xsplit Broadcaster. How It Works For Streaming Media Industry & Price ?

xsplit broadcaster


Earlier we have discussed about many streaming software. Which are used to stream your content for broadcasting.

Today in this article we will discuss one of the good broadcasting or streaming software named Xsplit Broadcaster.

What Is Xsplit Broadcaster ?

what is xsplit broadcaster

Xsplit Broadcaster is a product developed by SoftMediaLabs. Softmedialabs is a software development company based in Hong Kong.

Xsplit Broadcaster is a powerful streaming and recording software.

In other words,

Xsplit Broadcaster is a videos mixer, to produce or stream as a single video. So if there is need to have multiple sources of videos to be combined and streamed as single video then this software is useful.

Where you can steram this content over various media networks like Wowza Streaming Cloud, Akamai, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Twitch Live and Dailymotion etc.

Also if you are having your RTMP customize platform then you can get its feed.

How Xsplit Broadcaster Works ?

xsplit broadcaster playing

As shown above in the screen shot we are playing four different media in a single window or video. These four different media are,

(1) Video Playing

(2) Desktop Recording

(3) Web Browser

(4) Text File

Where we have added a prerecorded video that is playing also you can give input video source of LIVE video. A desktop recording is also going on while this is installed in laptop. So whatever is showing on desktop is displaying in video at particular section.

We also have opened a web browser in our laptop that is displaying at different window in this single video.

A text file is also opened that is also displaying in different window of this single video.

Overall we want to say multiple input media sources have combined in a single video to stream and record at high quality.

Lets now discuss different sections of Xsplit broadcaster software individually to understand it,

xsplit broadcaster source file

In this section different sources of input media file are selected.

xsplit broadcaster scene selection

In the scene section you can select the different scenes where each scene is having multiple media of input sources.

xsplit broadcaster status bar

Status bar indicate the GPU usages of Laptop or server, memory usages and CPU usages etc.

xsplit broadcaster menu bar

This section is used to select the streaming platform and manage all the recording and streaming controls etc.

xsplit broadcaster volume bar

It indicate the volume bar for different input sources of media for Mic and Media file.

How To Use Xsplit Broadcaster For Custom Streaming Server Or Headend ?

custom rtmp selection in best streaming software xsplit

If you are having your own Customize Streaming Platform then you can use Xsplit Broadcaster for streaming.

For Example,

If you are in field and want to do LIVE Stream of a event on your own headend network or MSO. Then you need to place this streaming software in field and give it internet connectivity.

Then you need to select camera input and generate the RTMP Stream for your destination or headend.

Where you need to input two important things of your streaming server installed in your headend. These two things are,

(1) Stream URL

(2) Stream Key

rtmp stream configuration in best streaming software xsplit

Enter these two parameters in your Xsplit Broadcaster’s Custom RTMP section. Then configure your RTMP Stream using Codecs, Bitrates and credentials etc.

Why Xsplit Broadcaster Is Best ?

(1) A High Quality Powerful Streaming Software.

(2) It enable you record the high quality video from multiple video sources.

(3) Easy to use for beginners in comparative to other streaming platform.

(4) It does support 4k@60 fps Streaming even more than that.

(5) It does support Customize scripts.

(6) It does support Various Capture Cards and Webcam’s make.

(7) It does supports Background Removal from video and drag and drop function for various media files.

(8) It enable you to broadcast on multiple streaming platforms simultaneously.

(9) It does support various social media chat widgets and Web Alerts too.

(10) It does have editing of various videos simultaneously.

How To Download Xsplit Broadcaster & Its Price ?

If you want to Download Xsplit Broadcaster then Click Here

It is free to use for recording and streaming the media content. You just download then install and experience it. If you really like it then you can buy its Pro Version.

You need upgrade it, to get its full license which comes with monthly subscription as well as with one time cost too.

Xplit Broadcaster Price is $24.95 per three months. If you wants to go for full one time license then its price is $199.

This is one time fee which we need to pay online by upgrading our account for premium Xsplit Apps. Buy Now Xsplit Broadcaster

What Are All Products Of Xsplit ?

(1) Xsplit Broadcaster

(2) Xsplit Gamecaster

(3) Xsplit Vcam

(4) Xsplit Express Video Editor


Xsplit Broadcaster is powerful and easy to use software for streaming and recording the media content. Which can be used for various fields like gaming applications, youtubing and for corporate too.

Where if you are having your custom platform for streaming then it is very good option for you.

Reference : Xsplit

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