What Is Wireless STB ? How Wireless Set Top Box Work ? How To Install Wireless STB ?

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Wireless STB abbreviate for Wireless Set Top Box.There are many kinds of STBs are available like SD STB , HD STB IPTV STB,Wireless STB etc. But we are going to discuss here about wireless stb.Wireless stb makes our life easy.There is no any complexity of cables.We can move our tv with tv box to any room in home.

What is Wireless STB

wireless stb

Wireless stb is a type of stb which make us feel free to move tv in any room.Wireless set top box receive the signal via wifi and gives composite or HD signal as output to tv. As shown above in the figure this is ARRIS wireless stb.Arris is a big company which also makes digital Headend Equipment like Arris D5 QAM.

Let us discuss about front panel functions,

(1) This is simple power button to on and off the stb.

(2) USB port for USB devices.

(3) Signal strength of the receiving signal.It is showing full green means signal is strong.If it gets red then signal is weak and move your stb in range for proper channel viewing.

(4) It is showing that it is stb is connected to network or not.

(5) STB is receiving HD signal. glow in blue color.

(6) PVR is recording shows.

(7) It open the menu button in the box.

(8) These are navigating buttons for tv box or set top box.

back panel wireless stb

Back panel of stb is shown above in the figure.Let us discuss point to point functions of wireless stb,

(1) This is digital audio output for home theater system.

(2) This is RJ 45 connector for signal.

(3) These are RCA output gives video output to HD TV.

(4) This is RCA type video output for TV.

(5) These two RCA type ports are for audio for your tv.

(6) This HDMI output for TV.

(7) This is power port for the stb.

What Is Set Top Box & STB Working Architecture

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Installation Of  Wireless STB

There are basically three devices used to setup, including wireless stb,

(1) Wireless STB :- The output of wireless stb is connected to tv which can be HDMI or Composite signal.

(2) VAP

VAP front

VAP stands for Video Access Point.This is individual device. VAP is connected to residential gateway via the Ethernet cable.As shown above in the figure 1 number shows that device is on or off.while 2 number shows the wireless network is functioning properly or not.3 number shows the WPS status that it is functioning properly or not.4 number shows the WPS button we need to press it while connecting VAP to stb.

VAP back

1 number is used to reset the Video Access Point.We need to press it for 5 seconds then it will reset.2 number shows the Ethernet port or RJ 45 port which is connected to residential gateway or RG.3 number is for power in.4 number is power on or off button.

(3) Residential Gateway

residential gateway

This is also a individual device. The output of Residential Gateway is connect to VAP.1 number shows the device power position.2 number shows Ethernet port is on or off means traffic is sending or not.3 number defines the USB status.4 number shows the wireless status.5 number shows coaxial connection status.6 number indicates the phone lines.7 shows internet connection status.8 shows RG is connected to network or not.

residential gateway back

1 number indicates the power in socket.2 number is for reset the device.3 number shows coaxial connector for stb.4 number is for USB devices.5 number is used to connect the computer or other network devices.6 number is used for network.7 number is used for phone line.8 number is for line.9 number is for aux line.

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Working Of Wireless STB

After connecting the above devices we need to power on STB ,VAP and Residential Gateway. It will take sometime to boot up the stb. After booting the stb it will show “Press Ok” for connecting the VAP.Now you need to press ok by the remote of stb. Then press the WPS button on the VAP for two second.

After doing this process the VAP will connect to the stb.It will show signal as input on the stb.It will also show WPS LED green that connection has been established.After this the stb have started receiving the signal and now it will show programs on TV.

This is all about Wireless Set Top Box.

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