What Is VSAT ? Working Of VSAT ? Very Small Aperture Terminal ?

what is vsat


There are various Communication Systems available in the market. VSAT is also one of them. Requirement of communication system depends upon your need. That what kind of services you want to provide and your security concerns about these services.

So today in this article we are going to cover a communication system named as VSAT. How does it works and its pros and cons.

What Is VSAT


VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal. It is one point to multi-point Star Topology based Communication System by Satellite.

In other words,

VSAT is a solution for private as well as govt. organizations, to establish a secure and private fast communication system for sending and receiving of data, video and voice. It is Star Topology based communication system. Where a hub or central office is connected with various end points via satellite.

Working Of VSAT

vsat communication system

As shown above in the figure there is a HUB or Earth Station. It is also called a Central Office. This HUB is connected with various End Users via satellite. At the Earth Station a Computer is installed which control the communication of earth station with various end users via satellite.

There may be various end users established at different locations. These end users can not communicate directly with one another. If they want to communication between them then a signal goes from end user to HUB via satellite. Then HUB receive this signal and then re-transmit it to required end user via satellite.

The size of VSAT Dish is 4 meter (Diameter). This VSAT Antenna have Low Noise Block Converter. Which receive the signal from the satellite. A Block Up Converter transmit the signal to the satellite for communication. This VSAT Dish Antenna can be mounted on roof and it can be on ground.

Thus this Communication System enable Service Providers to provide the Internet, Voice and Video Services.

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Pros Of VSAT


(1) Security

For the private as well as Govt. Organizations which are having their more focus on security of data goes for VSAT Communication System. There are various agencies which want to establish a secure communication technique for different geographical locations, it is good for them.

Because it establish a private and secure connection between to end points. It works as a Virtual Private Network for them.

(2) Cost Effective

This is cost effective solution for service providers. Because they need not to establish a individual network for communication at different locations.

(3) Coverage Area

VSAT Communication System is good in terms of its Coverage Area. It is very good for covering the Remote Areas. Because it is wireless using satellite as a medium. It is very good solution for Sea Area where it is very complex to do physical network communication.

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(4) Network Management

This solution is having good Scalability as well as flexibility. Which makes it easy for Network Management.

Cons Of VSAT


(1) Environment Effect

It does have environment effect. Which makes low signal quality. But the positive thing is that it is not that much noticeable.

(2) Satellite Connectivity

VSAT’s Antennas are outdoor antenna so it need a clear view of satellite on different locations to establish a communication.

(3) Time Delay

This type of communication is having the time delay of 500 milliseconds. Which can be a bit problem for service provider.

Conclusion Of VSAT

VSAT is star topology based point to multi-point communication system by using satellite, for services providers which want to establish a secure communication protocol. It is private connection which makes free to service providers for complex architecture.

Large Area Of Coverage and Security of Data are two main factors of VSAT Communication System. Which enable service providers to provide data services, voice services and video services instantly in more efficient way. Some VSAT Service Providers are Bharti Airtel, reliance Jio and bsnl.

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