What Is Video Wall For Control Room ? Video Wall Controller ? What Are Video Wall Components ?

what is video wall ?


In the control room there are two major sections first one is Server Room Section and other one is Monitoring Room Section. All the equipements are installed into the Server Room Section while final output of these equipments is monitored in monitor room.

Monitor Room contains various kind of Video Wall to monitor the services. So today in this article we will cover what is video wall , Its controllers and components.

What Is Video Wall ?

what is video wall

A Video Wall is a wall display of one or more videos and images simultaneously from one or more different sources. 

It is efficient way to display the content  broadly to cover the large amount of public. In video wall multiple screens are combined together to form a single large display.

A Video Wall is used in various places like Control Room, Transportation, Corporate, Airports and Stadiums.

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What Are Video Wall Controllers ?

(1) Hardware Controller

Hardware Controller provides good quality output display on video wall. It did not have its own Operating System. It is made of using video processing Integrated Circuits.

It have one input and multiple output port to display on several screens.

(2) Software Controller

A dedicated CPU is need for this software controller. Which is having a operating system with its display software. 

It is also having Graphic Cards which makes it easy to display the content on various screens of wall. It output quality depends upon the CPU configuration.

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What Are Video Wall Components ?

video wall components

(1) Display Screens

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If you are looking for Video Wall Solution then you should consider what kind of display screen you want.

Because there are mainly three kind of display screens LCD Panel Screens, LED Panel Screens and Rear Projection Video Wall.

So as we discussed above various screens are combined together to form a large single display screen to viewers. The screen which we use should be bezel less screens for better user experience.

So lesser the bezels better the display.

(3) Video Extenders

Video Extenders are used when there is a large distance between display screens and processor or control unit. This distance can be 30 feet or mote to use the video extenders.

Thus video extenders enable the communication between video wall and control unit at large distance.

(2) Control System

A control system is used to give the instruction to video wall to run the video as per format defined. 

These instructions are sent via RS-232 port. This RS-232 port is behind the screen to receive the signals from control unit.

Where a Control Unit is also known as Control System which instruct the display screens for content.

(3) Processors

A Video Processor can be called as heart of Video Wall. Because it is responsible to perform various function in it. 

Because powerful processing power is used to display one input source content on various screens. Alternatively Multiple input source content to single large display.

Thus it is used to display single high quality picture on various screens. Likewise multiple images on single large display.


A Video wall is combination of multiple bezel less screens to display the content for large audience. This wall can be rectangular as well as square shape.

The screen size and screen shape depends upon your requirements. Where you can also go for wide screen display .

A Combination of powerful hardware and software is needed to display high quality content on screens.Where CPU processing power and Graphic Card plays very important role to display high quality content.

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