What Is IPTV Technology ? How IPTV Technology Works & Its Features ?

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What Is IPTV

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It is advanced version of service delivery. It provides the facility to deliver triple services in a single cable. These services in combined form known as “Triple Play” services.Triple play services are

(1) VOIP

(2) Broadband

(3) Cable Tv

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VOIP stands for Voice Over IP.This is advanced telephone system. We can make calls by using VOIP telephone.VOIP telephone is not a normal telephone. VOIP telephone are different telephone from normal one.We can make VOIP calls from one VOIP phone to other VOIP phone.The international calling from VOIP phones are much cheaper than the normal ISD calling.By using ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) we can make VOIP calls threw normal telephone.

Broadband is the second service provided by IPTV Canada. This is normal internet broadband service.

Cable is also one of the service provided by IPTV. There are IPTV STBs available to receive signal and then decode it to show programs on television.

Thus IPTV provides these three services in a single telephone copper cable. We need to use one ADSL 2+ modem at receiving end to get these three services.

If we add a wireless system in “Triple Play” then it becomes “Quadruple Play”.As discussed above these three services are sent to customer via single cable only.This makes easy for customers to pay a single bill instead of paying individual bill for each service.

What Is OTT Headend & Architecture

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 IPTV Features

Internet Protocol TV provides features like VOD,Gaming and Live programs.The advantage of IPTV is that it provide “Time Shifted Viewing”.We can record the live programs.So when we have the time then we can watch our programs.This recorded program is saved into the server memory of service providers.These service providers charge for this to save programs temporarily in their servers.

So there is a dedicated hard disc in the server to store the programs by the customers.Thus video on demand option is very useful in IPTV system.

IPTV Bandwidth

In analog headend system we use different frequencies for modulating the channels on these frequencies. Whereas IPTV uses “Switched Video” architecture.In this IPTV system we need to allocate particular bandwidth to all customers. This bandwidth can be 2 Mbps.This is minimum requirement for Standard Definition Channels for IPTV system.

This is not a internet speed.Internet speed is as per plan for requirement of customers.The minimum rate for broadband is 256 kbps to 2  Mbps but that also vary as per country.

The main advantage of these broadband service is to the e-marketing companies and stock market etc.

If we want to use IPTV services in normal phone lines then we need to replace ADSL routers into ADSL 2+ routers.


ADSL stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL is differ from DSL. In ADSL data flow in direction is greater the other direction.So we called it asymmetrical line.Therefore download speed for internet is greater than the upload speed. ADSL is a system to connect the subscribers to internet. ADSL uses the frequency which is not used by telephone line to avoid the interference problems.

In both system ADSL and ADSL 2+ we use 4 khz bandwidth for analog telephone. Downstream bandwidth for ADSL2+ is more rather than for ADSL. The frequency band from 4 khz to 0.14 Mhz is used for upstream while 0.14 Mhz to 12 Mhz is used for downstream.

We need to use DLCs, to avoid IP Packet loss within customer’s 2 Km area.

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