What Is FourCC ? 4CC ? What Is Four Character Code ?

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If you are in Streaming Media industry then you play around with various Media Files. Where each media file can be described in three parts.

Each Media File have its Extension , Codec and Compression Algorithm. Where same compression algorithm can be used by two different codecs.

So now in this article we are going to cover What Is FourCC, How it can help us to identify the codec of media file ? and how to change FourCC of Media File ?.

What Is FourCC ?

FourCC stands for Four Character Code. FourCC defines the video codec of a Media File. It is also defined as 4CC.

in other words,

FourCC is a 32 bit ASCII Character Code. Where each character is having 8 bits. So there are four characters available, which gives 8*4=32 bits value. FourCC is defined in four characters only because it is easy for us to remember the four characters. It is alphanumeric code.

Example of some FourCC Code are JPEG, MPEG, HEVC, MPG4 and WMVA etc.

What is FourCC Identifier ?

avicodec fourcc identifier - what is fourcc

FourCC Identifier is very useful tool. Because it tells us about video codecs as well as Audio Tag.

For a instance suppose you are having a media file but you dont know how to play it and which video codec and audio codec this media file is having. What kind of codec you need to play this particular media file.

In this case Four_CC Identifier Tool is used. Which let you know about what codec you need to play this media file.

These Four_CC identifier tools are Mediainfo, GSpot and AVIcodec. As shown above in the screen shot it it AVIcodec Four_CC Identifier. This tool is used to open almost and identify each and every media file.

What Is FourCC Changer ?

fourcc changer

It is not necessary that each codec is having its different compression algorithm. There are various codecs which are having same compression algorithm like mpeg4 algorithm.

So it is beneficial for us that various codecs uses same compression algorithm. Because suppose if we are having a media file but we are not having codec to play this media file. Then in this case we can use another codec which is using same compression algorithm.

AVI Four_CC Code Changer is shown above in the screen shot. This tool is used to convert your Four_CC into AVI file format.

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FourCC For Audio ?

There is no Four_CC defined for audio codecs. Instead of that a Audio Tag or Audio Identifier is defined. This audio tag represents audio codec in Media file. Audio Tag is 32 bits. It is having integer decimal value.


Here are the some examples of File Extensions and Their respective Four_CC Code,

File Extension : Four_CC Code

.JPG   :  JPEG


.EPS  :  .EPSF

.MOV  :  MooV

.MP4  :  MPEG

Four_CC is a 32 bit Alphanumeric Code used to represent the Video codec of a Media File Like MPEG and HEVC. Four_CC do also support various Graphic Controllers like NVidia TNT , ATi Rage Pro and NVidia GetForce 2 etc.

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