What Is Video CMS ? What Are Features Of Video Content Management System ? Video CMS & LMS System ?

what is video cms

Introduction Of CMS

Every Businessman wants to give more protection to their business. It is done by implementing new technology and powerful tools. Lets discuss about how it can be done via Video CMS.

To understand Video CMS we need to first understand What CMS is in general terms ? Then after we will go through how Video CMS can be implemented for video streaming business solutions.

CMS stands for Content Management System. CMS is a more protective, user friendly, multi-functional and central system for arrangement of your business files, images and videos.

CMS makes tasks simpler. A very good example of CMS is WordPress. WordPress is a powerful database management software. Which helps the site owners to run a website without having that much technical knowledge of coding in Java, HTML and PHP.

Lets now discuss about What Is Video CMS ? , What are its functions ?, What Are its Providers ? etc.

What Is Video CMS ?

What Is Video CMS

Video CMS stands for Video Content Management System. It is a powerful software integrated with Cloud System to manage all media files of a organization.

So that a organization can publish their video on this private cms platform for their employs for training, tutorial and information purpose. Simultaneously it allows the employees to capture the video and upload on this private cms platform.

Video CMS System also facilitate the organization for proper management of their media files, Metadata, Category and searchable. So that a user can easily search for the media filles what they want according to its metadata and category.

So There are lot of functions that this System can do we will describe all of these step by step below in this article.

What Are Private & Public Video CMS Platforms ?

public private cms

Meaning of Private CMS Platform and Public CMS Platform is that a public platform can be called as Youtube and Viemeo etc.. Where you upload the video and can make them private and public too, in your account.

But it is not that much efficient and secure for a organization. So they needs to go for these kind of private platform to make their content more secure, customize-able and user friendly.

What Are The Functions Of Video CMS ?

Functions Of Video CMS

(1) Video Editing & Description

It enable organizations for the editing of video. Where videos can be edited after publishing. The user can trim the video and can also assign Metadata , MetaTag and Description for video after publishing it.

Let Me Know What Is Metadata in Brief ?

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(2) Transcoding

A professional video CMS does the transcoding of uploaded video automatically. Transcoding enable the video playing for different devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptop and Tv etc.

Where user can upload the video in various formats like .MP4, .AVI and .MOV etc. Thus transcoding enable the video playing in multiple platforms.

Explain Me What Is Transcoding In Brief ?

(3) ABR Adaption

It does support the Adaptive Bitrates. Which enable to play the video in different profiles like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and 2160p etc.

ABR helps the video player to adjust the bitrate according to user’s available internet bandwidth.

Let Me Know What Is ABR In Brief ?

(4) Video Search By Texts

This is the very good option to search video. It uses the Artificial Intelligence to search the in the video library by just typing the text.

It uses the Automatic Speech Recolonization technology. Which can scan the texts which are spoken in the video as well as the texts that are displayed inside the video.

It makes very easy to search particular video from thousands of videos available in your video library.

What is Cloud Machine Learning For Videos ?

(5) Data Security

It provides the security to your data from unauthorized use. Multiple authorize user can login to the portal and can perform the tasks in it. Also the communication of data from user and video cms is encrypted.

(6) Monitoring

The organization can monitor their videos that videos are performing. Where it can show your total number of views for video and it engagement too.

(7) Video CMS App

A video cms app provided by the solution provider. Which enable the users to login and control the cms from different devices. It enable the employs to capture the video and upload it in Video CMS platform easily.

This app is having User Friendly GUI.

(8) Other Functions

If you are uploading a series of video simultaneously then you can use it bulk upload option to upload your videos easily.

You can upload the video directly from your system. It also provides us the facility to upload the videos from URLs.

What Are Video CMS Providers?

(1) MUVI (Recommended)

(2) Vbrick

(3) IBM Upstream


Video CMS system is secure , well managed and user friendly platform. Which gives protection your organization’s data and make it available for authorized persons only.

This video library management makes your searches fast and easy. You can also schedule your video uploading from your system as well as from any URL. It also provides the video sharing URL to share your video in public platforms.

Your Reviews

We have given above the list of 5 Video CMS providers. Let us know in the comment section below, which one you are using and what is your experience with these Providers?

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