What Is Catch Up Tv Or TvCatchUp? Difference Between VOD & Catch Up Tv ?

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Cable Tv service providers needs to provide various kind of services to their subscribers to sustain in the market.

As long as the competition is increasing in this market due to new technology adoption. The service provider needs to deliver more user friendly services to their subscribers.

Earlier the subscribers scheduled their daily routine according to timing of their favorite tv program. Also subscribers watches the irrelevant and non targetted ADS in between their favourite program.

But now this time have totally changed. Because service providers are now more concern to subscriber schedule and ease of use. Service Providers needs to deliver their services according to schedule of subscribers. So that whenever subscriber have time then he can watch his favorite program.

These are some additional functions enabled by brodcasters and service providers to get more engagement of users. Catch Up Tv is also one of them. It is also sometimes called by people TvCatchUp.

But before understanding the Catch Up Tv people are a bit confused with one more term VOD. That VOD is different from Catch Up TV? What are the differences between them ? Lets now differentiate it.

What Is VOD ?

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VOD or Video On Demand is a user friendly service. Which gives freedom to subscribers for what to watch & When to watch.

Service Providers needs to install a VOD server in the headend. Which is having huge amount of video library. Which contains Movies, Songs and Series Of Programs etc.

The subscriber needs to select the particular movie to watch. Then request goes to server and after authentication deliver it to subscriber. This is how VOD works in short. If you want to know more about it then click below,

What Is Video On Demand or VOD ?

What Is Catch Up Tv ?

what is tvcatchup

The concept of Catch Up Tv is little bit different from VOD service. In the Catch Up Tv live programs from broadcasters are watched later. When the subscriber is having time.

So when the broadcaster have broadcasted his episode of a serial then this episode is watched later by subscribers. So that if subscriber have missed one episode of serial then he can watch it later. It is called Catch Up TV Service.

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How Catch Up Tv Programs Can Be Watched ?

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(1) Catch Up Tv On Service Provider’s STB

There are various premium service providers which offers catch up service in their STBs. You need to pay them to enable this service.

There is limitation by service providers that you can watch catch up tv programs until 7 days only. After that these programs will be deleted automatically.

(2) Catch Up TV Online

You can watch catch up tv programs online directly by using Laptop or Android Apps.

The main benefit of watching catch up tv program online is that we can watch this content for a long period of time in comparitive with our service provider’s STB.

For Example you can watch ITV Shows for up to 30 days via Its ITV player. It totally depends upon the brodcasters that how long he wanted to play catch up tv programs like for 7 Days , 30 Days and even more than that.

What Are Catch Up Tv Broadcasters ?

Here is the list of some US UK based catch Up Tv Broadcasters,

(1) BBC

BBC offer to watch catch up tv programs up to 30 days. Which is enough for subscribers. It is also free of cost.

You can watch BBC shows online by using BBC iPlayer. Which is available for various operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux too.

You can also watch the BBC Shows catch up on ,

TalkTalk Tv

BT Vision

Virgin Media

(2) Sky Go

It offeres to watch catch tv programs of last 30 days. It is available on various platforms.

It is available for windows, Linux and Mac on SKY

it is also available on Tv Boxes. You can also play it on your iPhone and Xbox.

(3) ITV

It also provides the catch up tv duration of 30 days for its programs. If you want to catch it online then go here

Otherwise if you want to go for TV then you can find it on
BT Vision as well as on Virgin Media.

(4) Channel 4

It provides the 30 days catch up time. You can watch its TvCatchUp programs on ALL4. It is available in TV and Laptop too.

If you want to watch on tv then go for BTvision.

(5) Channel 5

It is having some children’s programs or shows. You can watch it on computer via My5. It provides catch up tv for 7 days.

If you want to watch it on TV then you can also watch it by using BTvision. BTvision provides TvCatchUp for various broadcasters.

Conclusion Of TvCatchUp ?

Catch up Tv Service is good for subscriber point of view for broadcasters as well for service providers. A subscriber is having freedom to watch their favorite missed tv programs whenever he wants and wherever he wants.

Even some broadcaster also make them available to play on Microsoft Xbox 360. Catch Up Tv is known as TvCatchUp.

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