Headend INFO Threads 1 – Problems & Their Solutions Thread

headend info thread 1

Thread 1

How can i play .ts file in computer ?

You can play .ts file in VLC Media Player. While playing you can select different channels by selecting program in playback menu option of this player.

Thread 2

What should be RF input level in CATV Transmitter for Digital Headend System ?

It should be in between 75 dB to 80 dB for proper delivery of signal in the CATV field.

Thread 3

I am getting freezing in all the channels in a signal of a particular dish. What should i do now ?

You need to first check the RG 11 cable and its connectors at both end whether it is having carbon or not if so then clean it and check again. Still you are getting freezing then use T. I. Filter (Terrestrial Interference Filter) before the LNB to resolve this issue.

Thread 4

I am opening gospell QAM in chrome it is opening but all functions are not visible. I can not do anything in it. Same situation is with the firefox browser. How to open it now ?

Gospell devices like QAM and Encoders are Internet Explorer compatible. If you want to get its full access then you need to open these devices in Internet Explorer.

Thread 5

What is Teletext ?

Sending of Text pages with some shapes to the television for display is known as teletext. Teletext contains latest news , weather information and TV guide. Teletext user need to press numbers for example 98 or 100 to fetch  page from broadcaster to read the information on that particular page. So Teletext is broadcast system.

Thread 6

What is the difference between Subtitles and Captions ?

Subtitles are the words spoken in the video and displayed lower side in video. While Captions are the words spoken in the video which also contains sounds of things and emotions like “booooom” , “ouucch” , “hehehe” and “ohhhh” etc. Captions are also displayed lower side of video.

Soft Subtitles can be removed by user from video while Hard Subtitles can’t. Closed Captions can be removed by user from video while Open Captions can’t.

Thread 7

How much does a fiber loss ?

Fiber loss is 1 dbm per 2 KM near about.

Thread 8

If 20 dB is input for 1/99 then how much i will get in 1 and 99 split ratio ?

1/99 loss is 21.42/0.24

At Output 1% = input-loss = 20-21.42 = -1.42

At Output 99% = input-loss = 20-0.24 = 19.76

Thread 9

How much input RF signal i need to give STB ?

Basically it depends resistivity of RF tuner. For a standard you can give in between 45 db to 55 db RF input to STBs.

Thread 10

What is bitrate of one 4K channel ?

It is near about 24 Mbps.

Thread 11

How much RF power output i need to get from my QAM output ?

It is better to get maximum output RF power level from QAM and then reduce it by using passive splitters to provide 75 db to 80 db input in transmitters. Because one time you need to set the QAM at maximum output RF level later on you can reduce and increase it by adding removing passive splitters.

Thread 12

My IRDs and Decoders are connected with different passive splitters of same satellite feed , some of channels are working fine while other gives freezing on decoders & IRDs outputs. Why its happening ?

The channels which are freezing getting low RF power input from passive splitters. Because passive splitters do losses in signal which results freezing in channels or showing of message “No Signal”. So you need to increase RF input level of the irds or  decoders which are freezing by removing some passive splitters from your network. Otherwise you can use active splitters to avoid it.

Thread 13

What is the default Username & Password of gospell encoder and qam ?

Username : admin   &  Password : 000000

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Thread 14

What are default Username and Password of D9850 Power Vu ?

Username : user      &    Password :  USER

Thread 15

What is Username and Password for Harmonic 2961 IRD ?

Username : ird   &    Password : ird

Thread 16

What is Default IP Address of Willett QAM ?

Thread 17

What is Default Username and Password Dexing QAM ?

Username : admin   &    Password : admin

Thread 18

What is Default Login IP or Management IP Address of Dexing QAM ?

Thread 19

What is Default NMS IP of Dexin 16 Tuner IRD ?

Thread 20

What Is default NMS IP address of MPEG2 Encoder L2-8020SI ?

Thread 21

What is Default IP Address of Cableworld ASI To IP Converter ?

Thread 22

What Is Default Login IP Of ATX Encoder ?

Thread 23

What Is Default Username & Password Of ATX Encoder ?

Username : atx & Password : atx

Thread 24

What Is Default Password Of Brocade Switch For Login ?

Default password for Brocade Switch is password.

Thread 25

I am using “GN-1834 Low Bitrate Encoder” and i am getting ping from it but why i am not able to login in it from browser ?

It is NMS based encoder, to access it you need to use NMS software named as “SnmpNMS3.7.6“.

Thread 26

In summer season noon session my all the channels gets freezing in field while it runs properly in morning & evening. In this period my all channels works properly in Headend all day. So What can be problem in field ?

In the noon of summer season the temperature is high in the field which results high resistance in cable and high signal loss. The cable operators need to make high 6 to 8 db signal from their NODES by maintaining MER close to 39. It avoids this problem.

Thread 27

Can i use a amplifier after the QAM and before the Transmitter in Digital Headend for boosting RF level ?

You can use it but we suggest you to get high output from QAM then make losses in it by using passive splitters then given input to transmitter. Because if you use amplifier before transmitter in headend then there can be variation in RF level output of amplifier. Now this RF level difference will high in field which results freezing and no signal on some Transport Stream’s channels.

Thread 28

Practically how much TS RF power level difference in streams is acceptable in Headend ?

Try to give as low as RF power level difference is possible in headend at the input of transmitter. This difference can be maximum 1.5 db practically.

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Thread 29

Practically how much TS RF power level difference in streams is acceptable in Field ?

We always needs to make this RF power level difference as low as possible at STB input at customer end. Practically this difference can be maximum 4 db between any two streams.

Thread 30

What is Password of CISCO STB 3410DVB or PIN Number ?

Your Default PIN is 4321

Thread 31

Why We Use DVI Port In Monitoring Wallscreen Why Not HDMI Port ?

DVI port carries video only so we generally monitor Video only in wallscreen that is why it is used. You can also use HDMI port In wallscreen to show audio bar.

Thread 32

What are losses in Fiber ?

0.5 dB per Km for 1310 nm Source For Single Mode fiber.

0.4 dB per Km for 1550 nm Source For Single Mode fiber.

3 dB per Km for 850 nm Source For Multi-mode Fiber.

1 dB per Km for 1300 nm Source For Multi-mode Fiber.

Thread 33

Why we use Dummy Load in FTTH NODE ?

75 Ohm dummy load is used on free points of FTTH NODE to prevent the MERBER losses in field.

Thread 34

My Skardin SKDL-001 Model STBs are not booting properly what should i do ?

You can short pin number 7 & 8 of flash IC at the time of booting of these STBs, this will reset the STB and start tuning the channels. (MX IX MX  15L6406E  M21 12G  31670500 K154083)

But recommended method is to reinstall the release by using stb up-gradation tool.

Thread 35

What i need to do with boot failure STBs ?

You need to reinstall the software in it to make it OK.

Thread 36

How To Do OTA or Send the Software from Headend To all STBs In Filed For Download ?

First you need to have tested release of STB for which you are going to do OTA. Then you need to go to Home frequency Transport Stream of the network and insert the release as a data and define descriptors for it then start it. Make sure your Home Frequency transport stream is having enough bandwidth for software.

Thread 37

What Is VAST ?

VAST stands for Viewer Access Satellite Television. It is satellite TV platform in Australia. It provides Digital TV services as well as Radio services. Two satellite are used for this named as Optus C1 and Optus D3. VAST is funded by Australian Govt.

Thread 38

How Dish Antenna Works ?

Dish Antenna are parabolic shaped antennas. Which receive the radio waves from broadcasting satellite and collect these radio waves on its focal point. The LNBF (Low Noise Block Feedhorn) is mounted at this focal point.

The Feed Horm collects the radio waves and conducts to LNB. This LNB converts these radio waves into electrical signals for satellite receiver.

Thread 39

What Is Cipher ?

Cipher is a mathematical function applied to a data with encryption KEY to convert it into CIphertext for security of data.

Thread 40

What Is the difference between AES Algorithm & DES & 3DES Algorithm ?

AES algorithm is advanced version of DES & 3 DES algorithm. It is more secure and encryption & decryption speeds are very fast in AES as compared to DES & 3DES Algorithms.

Thread 41

I Shifted all the Transport streams from 256 QAM to 64 QAM of my network but i faced a issue that some of STBs got booting problem while others working fine why so ?

At the time of shifting QAM from 256 to 64 these STBs were in ON position while others were in OFF position. So online STBs got stuck and showing you boot failure.

Thread 42

What Is Red5 ?

Red5 is a open source tool it is available on github. It was created in 2005 by developers. Red5 is a streaming media server for Live streaming. It is used in various Giant companies like Facebook and Amazon. Red5 Media Servers are used in Conferences and Multiple- User Gaming.

Thread 43

What Is HDCP ?

HDCP is called High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It is used to protect the content which goes from a device to TV. There are two kind of connectors used for it DVI and HDMI. 

Thread 44

If i Stopped EMM Then OSD & Fingerprint Can Reach To Set Top Box ?

No It will not be possible. OSD & Fingerprint will not reach to STB.

Thread 45

How Can I Insert EPG In Surbhi PSI/SI Server ?

To insert EPG in Surbhi PSI SI Server you need have EPG Two Dongle.

Thread 46

What Operating System Is Used In Set Top Box ?

There are two operating systems mostly used in STBs are Linux & Android. Android STBs are scalable.

Thread 47

How Can I Find The Login IP Of A Device Which I Forgot ?

You need to use Advanced IP Scanner software. Where you need to put the limit of scanning IP address then this tool will find for you. For More Details Read Here

Thread 48

How To Convert Ku Band Frequency Into C Band Frequency For Tuning IRD ?

Ku Band Frequncy – 9750 = X

5150 – X = C Band Frequency

Thread 49

How To Convert C Band Frequency Into Ku Band Frequency For Tuning IRD ?

5150 – C Band Frequency = X

9750 + X = Ku Band Frequency

Thread 50

Can we import configuration in Ericsson RX8200 Satellite Receiver ?

Yes you can do it. As shown below in the screenshot you need to first Save Configuration To File by right clicking. Then Restore Configuration From File by selecting the chose file option.

Keep in mind that first do not forget to take currently running configuration file backup. Also there should not be any hardware mismatch.

Ericsson RX8200 configuration thread

Thread 51

How Can I Play Encoder’s Output Video Into VLC Media Player ?

First of all connect your encoder to system via LAN Cable. Then open VLC Media Player and press Ctrl+N. Type your multicast in the format as shown below in the screen shot.

vlc player multicast play format thread

Then hit enter to play.

Thread 52

What is ECM Stream Error ?

ECM Stream Error occurs due to communication error between your MUX and CAS Server. Where MUX is unable to receive the ECM from ECM Generator. Where you need to check your ECMG Service is running or not.

Thread 53

Why we do not use VHF frequencies in Digital Headend ?

If we use VHF frequencies in Digital Headend then it becomes very hard to manage it in the field due to high losses.

Thread 54

Where Can I Get MER Value In IRD ?

You will not get the MER value in the IRD. You need to buy Satellite Meter For it.

Thread 55

When Signal Is Locked In IRD Sometimes I Gets BER Value and Sometimes PER Value Why So ?

For DVBS it shows BER Value While For DVBS2 it shows PER Value.

Thread 56

How To Reset Harmonic’s Prostream 9000 Password ?

If you have forgot its password. Then try your three login attemps in this device. After faliure of three attemps you will get Specific Data Number on your login screen. Which you need to note down and tell the harmonic customer support.

They will provide you temporary password to login in this device. Then you need to go to URL http://(Device IP Address)/resetpass.htm then you will get login screen. Where you need to enter User name as backdoor and Password provided by harmonic customer support.

Then you will get login this device then change this temporary password immediately.

Thread 57

What Is Default Username & Password For Harmonic’s Prostream 9000 ?

User name : configure

Password : configure

Thread 58

Why Do We Use Transcoders In Headend ?

It consume less space and less power in headend in comparison with conventional system (Decoder + Encoder). So it decodes FTA channels and encode in codec you want MPEG 2 or MPEG 4.

Thread 59

What Is Difference Between Transcoder and IRD ?

Transcoder decodes the channels and provides the output in codec you want. While IRD decode the channels and provides output in same codec. Like if decoding channel is MPEG 2 then it provides MPEG 2 output. On the other hand if decoding channel is MPEG 4 then it provides MPEG 4 output.

Thread 60

What Is Default Username & Password For Sumavision IP QAM ?

Username : admin

Password : sumavisionrd

Thread 61

What Is Default Login IP Of Syrotech OLT ?

Thread 62

What Is Default Username & Password For Syrotech OLT ?

Username : admin

Password : admin

Thread 63

Whenever i re-tune my STB, it shows different total number of channels even input RF signal level is ok then why so ?

Then there is only one reason check your RF tuner IC of Set Top Box replace it with new one. Then it will tune all number of channels available in your network every time.

Thread 64

How much input power level should of a Optical NODE ?

It depends upon type of node you are using some of them supports -11 dBm , -16 dBm and -6 dBm etc.

Thread 65

I am using gospell K956 STB it got stuck on Red Light only no any video output ?

You need to reinstall the software in the set top box then it will boot properly.

Thread 66

There is no any video output from CPU of my STB what to do ?

First you need to reinstall the software in the set top box then check if problem still persist then you have to replace the CPU of STB. Then it will work properly.

Thread 67

What should be Temperature & Humidity of Digital Headend System ?

Temperature of digital headend should be in between 15 degree Celsius to 19 degree Celsius practically. While humidity should be 40% to 60%. You can measure it by using this meter Click Here

Thread 68

What Is Difference Between Encoding & Transcoding ?

When uncompressed (Analog Audio Video) or raw data data is converted into compressed digital format (.MP4) then it is called Encoding. While when one Compressed Digital format (.FLV) is converted into other Compressed Digital Format (.MP4) then it is called Transcoding.

Thread 69

How we can balance audios of all channels in digital headend system ?

Some encoders and transcoders have software feature to increase and decrease the audio of particular channel. Otherwise you can use audio load balancer (Standalone Device) at the output of video decoder.

Thread 70

What is PIN Number Of SOLID HDS2-6069 FTA Set Top Box ?

Solid HDS2-6069 have 3327 Password to open settings.

Thread 71

What is Default Management IP of Sumavision IP QAM ?

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    is there any device or technique through which I can balancnce Audio level of Digital headend (64-QAM Headend)

    1. External Audio Balancers


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