Now Bypass The Service Providers, Subscribers Will Give Direct Tip To Content Creators In Next Generation Streaming Media Industry ?


Next Generation Streaming Media Industry will be beneficial for both Content Creators and Content Consumers too.

Because there are lot of new technologies that developing year by year to make the things more user friendly. Developing new technology and then implementing them in various sectors increases the revenue.

AI and Distributed Ledger Technology are two very powerful technologies. Full implementations of these two technologies will revolve the Streaming Media Industry.

So today in this article we will discuss how Subscribers Will Give Direct Tip To Content Creators using blockchain technology.

How Subscribers Will Give Direct Tip To Content Creators ?

Blockchain Technology is implementing in each and every industry. Where Streaming Media Industry is also one of them. It is used to make things more transparent ,fast and cost effective.

Subscribers will give direct Tip to content creators by using the Blockchain Technology. Where Blockchain Technology is the branch of the Distributed Ledger Technology.

Where this Tip works as Micro Payments.

Now how it will be implemeted in streaming media industry to give tips ?

Subscribers Will Give Direct Tip To Content Creators

The video service providers needs to update their subscriber end Apps. They needs to add a payment system. This payment system is not normal payment system. Because it will be based on blockchain technology based payment system.

Now if i am a subscriber watching my favorite show online via my service provider’s apps. Now i can send the Tip directly to the creator of my favorite show by using this App. Cool !!!

So this tip will be send by using the blockchain technology. Because in this technology we uses the crypto currencies to give these Tips as micro payments to content creators.

These Tips are transferred from subscriber’s wallet to the content creator’s wallet directly. Which will motivate the content creator to provide more such a nice content to their subscribers.

How Can I Experience This Technology Now With Example ?

It is very easy process !!!

If you want to experience this technology now, then we can give you the example for that which you can do right now free of cost.

In this example we will take Headend INFO as content creator and you as subscriber. So in our case we are writing the valuable content for you. Where you can give Tip to Headend INFO (using blockchain technology free of cost.

“Thanks in advance for Tip”

Follow these steps to do so,

(1) Download the Brave Browser and then install it in your computer or laptop. Download Here

headend info store buy

(2) After Installing open it. Then press next go to last and then select the Enable Rewards

Subscribers Will Give Direct Tip To Content Creators

(2) Then next tab will open and click YES I’M IN! . It will create wallet for you.

brave reward

(3) Then press CLAIM to claim your rewards BAT Tokens.

claim bat

(4) Your BAT Tokens will be credited after filling the captcha.

bat captcha

(5) You will be rewarded for 40 BAT Tokens. It is shown below,

40 bat token basic attention token

(6) Now open the Headend INFO website. Then in the right hand side there will be Triangle in the address bar. Click on that a new menu will open.

send tip in streaming media

(7) Then click on Send A Tip. Now a new window will be open. Where you need to select the 10 BAT Token then check mark the Monthly and then send it as shown below,

Subscribers Will Give Direct Tip To Content Creators

(8) You were rewarded for 40 BAT Tokens and you can send all of them by sending 10 BAT Token four times . After doing that let the brave browser open for 25 minutes to make the transition complete properly.

And you done It !!!

Now you have experienced that how to use blockchain technology to make the transitions to content creators directly fast, easy and secure.

So the same thing will be applied in to the streaming media apps. Where a blockchain based payment system will be added to send the tips from subscribers to content creators.

If you have any query in this process then feel free to do whatsapp on this number +91 8239222444 to support.


Implementation of blockchain technology will be very helpful for content creators to motivate their work by their subscribers.

Blockchain Technology facilitate the streaming media industry to make the payment easy , fast and secure. No matter how much is the distance between content creator and content consumer.

It is transparent and de-centralized way to promote the content creators of streaming media industry. Thus this is the way through which Subscribers Will Give Direct Tip To Content Creators.

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