What Kind Of STB Problems Found In Field ? How To Resolve These Set Top Box Problems ?



After deploying the STBs in the field. Set Top Boxes faces lot of problems specially in the summer session. For that reason these STBs require maintance time to time to resolve these STB Problems.

So today in this article we will focus on some of problems which a STB faces after installation due to several reasons. Also we will provide solution to resolve these problems.

What Kind Of STB Problems Found In Field After Deploying ?

STB Problems

(1) STB Operating Temperature

STB Operating Temperature´╗┐

It is the most common problem found in the STBs to get it failure. The high operating temperature generates lot of problems in STB.

Now the question arises here is that what should be operating temperature of STB ?

The operating temperature should not exceed 60 Degree C. Beyond that there can be found lot of problems in STB.

What kind of problems can be found after exceeding this operating temperature ?

After starting the STB it will run properly for 1 to 5 minutes then it will automatically start rebooting again and again.

Because when you first start your power IC was cool. But after sometime it heats itself and with the high room temperature it heated too much.

Which results STB rebooting automatically again and again.

So there are various small electronic parts which can be damaged on the board of STB. The very first thing which comes in mind is the failure of Power ICs of STB. Which can be,

(1) 3.3 Volt Power IC

(2) 2.5 Volt Power IC

(3) 1.8 Volt Power IC

How To Properly Resolve This Power IC Problem ?

So there are maximum number of chances of failure of 3.3 volt power IC. Which can be short. If its not then check the 2.5 volt power IC and then 1.8 volt power IC.

Check step by step these ICs and then replace it with new brandable ICs only. Do not ever replace it with local cheap level ICs.

Because Replacing through cheap ICs generates the problem again after some days of repairing of stb.

If you want to go for good brandable Power ICs then you can consider these,

stb repairing power ICs

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NOTE : Be aware from buying local cheap power ICs availabel in the market which will generate problems in stb again and again.

(2) High Input Voltage Power

High Input Voltage Power´╗┐

Generally most of STBs are operated with 5 Volt power adaptor. But somehow if we use 12 Volt power adaptor then it will short your zener diode of stb.

Which result you STB will not power ON.

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How To Properly Resolve This High Voltage Problem ?

You need to first check the zener diode near by input power connector. If it is short. Then replace it will new zener diode. It will resolve your problem completely.

This is why zener diode is used in STBs.

(3) RF Input Current

RF Input Current

In rainy season somewhere somehow we gets the DC current in RF Input Cable of STB. It is ok within a limit but if it exceed its limit then it will affect your STB internal components.

It will fail your Tuner IC of STB. So your stb will start but it will not run and also it will not tune your programs or services properly.

How To Properly Resolve This RF Current Problem ?

In this case you need to remove the Tuner IC of the STB. Which is mounted in RF tuner section.

By using the Soldron you need to properly mount this Tuner IC.

(4) STB Booting Problem

STB Booting Problem´╗┐

This is also one of the common problem found in the STB. In this case your STB will not boot properly. It can stuck on the boot screen or on the service running screen.

This type of problem can be a STB Software Problem.

How To Properly Resolve This Software Problem ?

You need to have default release for STB to upload in it. You need have STB Software Cable for that stb to upload the release in that STB.

Here is the one example of good quality STB Software Cable,

stb software cable rs232

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NOTE : Be Aware of wrong connection cable available in the market. Always buy good quality cables only.

(5) Other Issues

There may be several other problems found in STB in field these can be physical damage , audio out problem , color display problem and RAM Problem etc.

All of these problems can be replace by using various electronics parts available in the market like HA 7 , CPU IC , RAM and Audio ICs etc.


We have explained above all major problems which we found in STBs. Rest of the problems we have covered in Other issues point.

The effect of enviourment does affect the STBs a lot. Which results signal loss , picture loss and power loss etc.

Always keep in mind that while you are repairing the STB you sould use good quality electronics parts. Always buy these electronic parts from a brandable and believable store only.


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