AMS 1117S H 1117S 3.3 Volts Power ICs Which One Is Best For STB Repairing ? STB Power ICs Review

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When the things comes in terms of Repairing a STB then there are lot of myths going on in STB Repairing market.

These myths are,

(1) What Are Power ICs Basically ?

(2) Which 3.3 volt power IC for STB repairing is best among AMS 1117 and HTC 1117S ?

(3) How To Check My Power IC is Original or Duplicate ?

(4) Why sometimes AMS works better than HTC Power ICs ?

(6) From where i should buy these power ICs for stb repairing ?


Today in this article we will clear all of these confusions.

What Are Power ICs For STBs ?

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There are various types of power ICs used in the set top box. These are used to give a fixed dc power to stb circuit board.

These ICs can be 1.8 Volt , 2.5 Volt and 3.3 volts etc. These ICs generally get failed in stb circuitry when atmosphere temperature increased. So these ICs got failed in Summer session.

Which results we need to replace these ICs from new one. Now the things did not ends here because there are lots of brand available in the market which manufacture or rebrand these ICs.

So we are discussing here some facts ,

Which Power IC Is Better For STB Repairing Among AMS 1117 & H 1117S ?

AMS 1117 3.3 Volt

See there are two brands mentioned AMS and HTC. Both of these brand’s power IC is used for their different use cases.

Like for STB repairing AMS 117S ICs are used while for repairing of Digital Headend Devices H 1117S is used.

But Why So ?

First Reason :

Because HTC power ICs perform better than AMS power ICs. For digital headend devices like QAM , Encoder and IRD etc HTC is always used because these are heavy work device which runs 24*7 .

While on the other hand STB runs 5 to 6 hours in a day which does not have heavy load to run so people use AMS brand power ICs for it.

Second Reason :

AMS brand power ICs are cheaper than HTC power ICs. Like in india AMS brand power ICs cost around 4 INR after importing while on the other hand HTC power ICs cost around 8 INR per piece. That can be vary little bit.

NOTE : It does not mean you can not use HTC power ICs in repairing of STBs. While you can use HTC power IC in repairing of STB that is better solution.

How To Check My Power IC is Original or Duplicate ?

htc power ic original check

If you repaired 100 STBs having same power IC problem. Then after some days you are getting near about 20 to 30 complaints then it means your power ICs are duplicate.

While on the other hand,

After repairing 100 stbs if you are getting 2 to 3 or less than that complaints then you are using original ICs.

Why Sometimes AMS ICs Works Better Than HTC ICs ?

htc power ic is better

Actually things are not like that.

What happens sometimes, when an importer gets in contact with fraud Chinese manufacturer and asks to provide him particular brand IC in cheap rates then Chinese manufacturer gets the order and produces the product according to its price range.

Which results if your price is lower than average then they will down your product quality.

So here our need is that we should always import products from an authorized Chinese manufacturer only. Not to get in contact with new Chinese resellers on Alibaba. You always need to check then rating for that particular manufacturer or reseller.

From Where I Should Buy These Power ICs For STB Repairing ?

There are following two ways to buy these STB spare parts in india,

(1) Buy From Local Authorities

(1) Import

(1) Buy From Local Authorities

This is the safe and secure way of buying stb spare parts in india.

You need to always buy stb spare parts from firm or companies that are big importers and doing working in this cable tv industry.

Even Headend INFO also sells these Power ICs which you can find in Headend INFO Store or call or whatsapp at +91 8239222444.

(2) Import

You can directly import in india these power ics from china. You need to visit then find a good rating manufecturer then talk to them in chat box.

Do not bargin with them at higher level. Which avoid the interest of manufacturer in his customer.

Here you need to have your GTIN number , IEC code (Import export code) and billing should be on your Firm or company name only not on individual one for bulk buying.

But this process takes long time to import and clear from costumes.

NOTE : Always buy samples before bulk order on Alibaba


There are various make available in the market for stb power ics like BR, HTC and AMS etc. Where BR Power ICs are also vrey good power ICs.

So we recommend you to always use HTC or BR power ICs we did not find any complaint in these power ICs. Which results good service.

Find more details in our Headend INFO Store

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Disclaimer : This is not the professional advice. It is review only. Headend INFO Services will not be responsible for any kind of misuse.


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