What Is Harmonic PURE Compression Engine Technology ? How It Is Helping Streaming Media Industry ?

pure compression engine


The demand of cable tv customers is increasing year by year. Previously they were satisfied with Standard Definition Channels.

But now things are changing industry have moved to HD channels , 4K Channels and even to 360 Degree videos. So now the demand of customer is increasing as per new technology innovation.

It leads to the competition in the streaming media industry. Various OTT Service providers like Netflix and Hulu are providing their services at competitive rate to survive in this competitive market of innovative technology.

Increasing demand of subscribers with rapid growth of technology strongly indicating that now there is need for better compression techniques to fulfill this requirement.

Harmonic have provided a solution for that in this Era of Technology by introducing PURE Compression Engine Technology.

What Is PURE Compression Engine Technology ?

pure compression engine technology

PURE Compression Engine Technology was introduced by Harmonic in the year 2014. It is software based solution for CATV Service providers or OTT service providers.

” It was not developed in small period of time”

As we all knows harmonic is working in this industry from last two decades. In this period of time many technologies were developed according to that harmonic developed the Algorithms for that.

So many kind of algorithms were analyzed and most efficient algorithms were adopted which results PURE Compression Engine Technology.

All of these AI Algorithms or Motion Estimation Algorithms were developed for better compression techniques. Which analyze the video picture removes the unwanted information and enhance the picture quality in lower bitrate.

PURE Compression Engine does support various codecs like MPEG 2 . AVC and HEVC.

If you want your solution to be more efficient then you can also use EyeQ Technology with PURE Compression Engine Technology. Which we have explained below.

How This Compression Technology Can Be Enhanced With EyeQ Technology ?

eyeq technology with pure compression engine technology

If you are a OTT Service Provider then it can be beneficial for you to use both the technologies EyeQ Technolgoy and PURE Compression Engine simultaneously in your solution.

Which will reduce your data charges over network. Because specially in OTT Solution we need to more focus on Data Charges. These Data Charges affect the service provider as well as subscribers too.

Harmonic’s EyeQ Technology was introduced in 2016. It leverages the HVS. Where HVS is denoted by Human Visual System. It discard the information from the video which do not affect the human visual system. This is the basic phenomenon behind it.

This EyeQ Technology reduces the bandwidth of video near about 50% by maintaining the same video quality. Which is very much beneficial for streaming media industry.

If you really wants to know more about this EyeQ Technology in brief then you should read this article here

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conclusion of pure compression engine technology

The basic phenomenon behind the PURE Compression Engine Technology is that develop the most efficient AI based Algorithms with the help of human science.

Which makes our product a problem solving solution for this industry. It will boost your company revenue.

We should be thankful for the Moore’s Law that says in every two year number of transistors get doubled on IC (Integrated Circuit). Which results better CPU performance in very two year.

High CPU power is used to execute complex algorithms. Which not only helpful for streaming media industry while in every industry. Which can be Smartphone Industry and Bitcoin Mining Industry etc.

Specially in Bitcoin Mining Industry high CPU Power as well as high GPU Power is needed to solve the Complex Algorithms.

If you are not aware of Bitcoin (Blockchain Technology Based Coin) then read our research based article here in Login Research.

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