What Is Prostream 1000 Overview Working And Advantages

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Multiplexing and Scrambling are two important things which take place in every Digital Headend System. To perform these two actions there are lot of Digital Headend Equipments available in the market.

So In this article we are going to cover one of them known as Prostream 1000.

Prostream 1000 Overview And Working


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Prostream 1000 is 1 Rack Unit a harmonic device. It is used for  Scrambling, Multiplexing, Re-encoding and Statistical Multiplexing of Transport Stream.

Prostream 1000 is used for re-multiplexing of Transport stream for PID remapping , PID filtering and PSI SI Table generation.  it have three Ethernet ports in the back panel used for to manage it and to communicate with CAS server for ECM and EMM.

It supports Simulcrypt versions 1, 2 and 3. So it can be used, 30 different CAS simultaneously.  It uses Advance Encryption Algorithm. This algorithm is used to scramble and descramble the services.

This device have 2 Gb ports in which we need to use 2 SFP Modules copper. A ASI Input Output card is also used in back panel of this device. Which contains 4 BNC ports. Each BNC port is having 75 Ohm resistance.

Prostream 1000 Statistical Multiplexing

Prostream 1000 uses a engine named as DiviTrackIP engine.  This DiviTrackIP engine enable the Prostream 1000 to do the Statistical Multiplexing.  Each transport uses three pools. These pools are known as DTMX pools. Where DTMX stands for DiviTrackMX. This DTMX pool is used to VBR re-encoding of services which results better picture quality in minimum bandwidth use.

So this function of prostream 1000 is very useful to save bandwidth of Transport Stream.

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Advantages Of Prostream 1000

It is 1 Rack Unit device so it consume less space in Headend Racks.

Its performance is very good in terms of quality and processing.

This single device performs multiple functions like scrambling, multiplexing, PSI SI Table Generation and Statistical Multiplexing.

It can be operated by Harmonic NMX Digital Service Manager. This NMX Digital Service Manager software is very useful because it perform many functions like monitoring of different headend devices , configuring them and good redundancy services.


As we have discussed above Prostream 1000 harmonic’s device is multifunction device. It can used to do multiplexing, scrambling and for generation of PSI SI Tables. This is efficient 1 RU device. This device is applicable to perform advance re-multiplexing, DVB scrambling, IPTV scrambling and Statmuxing.

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