Microsoft PlayReady DRM Technology Working

microsoft playready drm


Every content creator and service provider needs the protection of content that is why he needs to implement a Digital Rights Management or DRM. There are various DRM soutions available in the market like Google Widewine, Adobe Flash Access, Apple FairPlay and PlayReady.

So in this article we are going to discuss about PlayReady DRM.

What Is PlayReady DRM

PlayReady DRM is a leading DRM system introduced by Microsoft for protection of Content in streaming media industry. It can be deployed on the devices like Smartphones, PlayReady Devices, Set Top Boxes and Computers. Microsoft PlayReady DRM supports offline content and streaming only content etc.

Microsoft PlayReady DRM is available not only on Windows platform but also it is available on different platforms like Android, iOS and XBOX etc. PlayReady DRM can be used for different subscrption techniques like Pay-Per-View, Monthly Rental and for ad base system too.

Microsoft PlayReady Server includes following servers,

(1) Licensing Server

(2) Domain Controller

(3) Metering Server


(1) Licensing Server

A Licensing Server stores the licenses which are used for subscribers at the time of content playback.

(2) Domain Controller

There are different domains which are controlled by the Domain Controller. These domains contains the subscriber information. Domain Controller also controls the number of different subscribers which can be join a particular domain.

(3) Metering Server

Metering Server is used to see the contend behavior that how many times a content is downloaded. When a subscriber device connect to server for content playback then this content playback information is also updated. This metering server does not affect the playback of content for subscribers.

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Working Of PlayReady DRM

microsoft playready drm working

As shown above in the figure raw content goes into the encoder. Where this encoder encode the content and also encrypt the content by the key provided by the PlayReady DRM server.

Then this encrypted content goes to Content Distribution Network or CDN Network. Where the encrypted content is copied to multiple CDN server for better delivery of content. Now this encrypted content goes into the playback devices for playing.

Before playing the content these devices needs the licensing information or decryption key. Then these user end devices request for license information or key to PlayReady Licensing server. Where subscriber information is checked and if the user is authorized then requested key or licensing information is send back to client device for playing the content.

Now these client devices can play the encrypted content according to policy available in the provided Licensing Information.

Features Of PlayReady DRM

(1) It provides secure delivery of licenses to clients by providing a unique certificate to each and every client.

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(2) It provide us domain technology where number of devices can be connected with a particular domain and can share licenses.

(3) It supports metering function where client devices maintain the count of playback content.

(4) It supports standard cryptography AES and ECC.

(5) Multiplatform support like iOS, Android and Windows etc.

(6) Multiformat support like Live TV, Games, Music and images.

(7) Muticodec support like H.263 H.264 H.265

(8) It supports Microsoft Silver Light Player.


PlayReady DRM was introduced by Microsoft and its coverage area is wide for different platforms like iOS and Androide etc. PlayReady DRM is capable of delivery of Over The AIr OTA, Licenses with content. It supports many adaptive streams like HLS, MPEG DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

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