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When the things comes in terms of FTTH Triple Play Services then we need to implement the OLT. Where FTTH stands for Fiber To The Home. Triple play services means a solution which provides three services Voice, Data and video.

So in this article we will discuss about what is OLT, OLT working and functions.

What Is OLT

huawei old device - optical line terminal

OLT stands for Optical Line Terminal. Sometimes it is also called Optical Line Termination. It is One Rack Unit device. OLT is used in GPON system. Where GPON stands for Gigabit Passive Optical Network. It is installed in Headend or central office of service provider.

Multiple PONs are connected with OLT device and each PON is connected with multiple ONUs. Where PON represents Passive Optical Network while ONU represents Optical Network Unit. There are different kinds of OLTs are available in the market based on its flexibility and reliability.

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Working Of OLT

Working of Optical Line Terminal device is to convert the standard signal into the frequency and frames. It also perform the function of multiplexing between the ONT conversion devices,

A OLT device is used to control the float information in ODN (Optical Distribution Network). This information is controlled in both the directions of PON network. So there are two float directions Upstream and Downstream.  Where in upstream direction voice and data are received by OLT from the users. On the other hand in downstream direction Voice, Data and Video are send to the users or ONT devices.




Data & Voice

1490 nm

1310 nm


1550 nm


Data and voice are used for upstream and downstream while video used for downstream only. Where data and voice both are downstream on 1490 nm while upstream on 1310 nm. While video is upstream on 1550 nm.

Addition And Deletion Of ONT in OLT

If you have connected a new ONT device in your network. Now you want to add this ONT in OLT device then you need to run a command at OLT side like ONT ADD command. In this case you should have password of new ONT device already to add it in your network successfully.

On the other hand if you do not know the password of your newly connected ONT device. Then you need to run auto find command as port portid ont-auto-find. After finding it you need to confirm your ONT by applying ONT confirm command. Now you can also see the information of newly added ONT by running display on info command.

In case of deletion Of ONT you need to first check the other services connected to ONT. So you need to first unbind these services from the ONT then go for delete command to delete this particular ONT.

Conclusion Of Optical Line Terminal

Optical Line Terminal is a electronic device installed at headend for float information in both the direction upstream and downstream. It is implemented for GPON system. Optical Line Terminal have the input for the ISP and voice. The maximum distance from OLT to ODN should be 20 KM.

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