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Introduction Of MCPC

There are various DVB Standards in which satellite plays an important role. These standards are DVB S, DVB S2, DVB T, DVB T2, DVB DSNG, and DVB CS etc. In these standards audio and video signal up linking and down linking takes place.

So today in this article we will cover how this up linking works by consuming low bandwidth and better performing.

What Is MCPC


MCPC is acronym for Multiple Channel Per Carrier. In this system multiple channels are multiplexed together and then modulated for up linking. For multiplexing of these channels TDM is used. Where TDM is called the Time Division Multiplexing.

So multiple channels are multiplexed together for a single Radio Frequency Carrier. The satellites used for this system is known as the MCPC Satellites.

Working Of MCPC

mcpc working

As shown above in the figure we are having four 4 voice inputs and 4 data inputs for multiplexing. If each voice is having 16 kbps bit rate then total voice contains 64 kbps. On the other hand if each data is having 8 kbps data rate then total data bitrate will be 32 kbps. Now combined data rate of voice and data will be 96 kbps for multiplexing in multiplexer.

The multiplexer multiplex the data and voice and provides multiplexed output. This output goes into the modem for the process of up linking.

The main advantage of using MCPC is that we can up link multiple channels in one carrier. Which reduces the bandwidth space and cost for transponder.

The main disadvantage of this is that we need to collect all the signals at a single place. Then after we need to do multiplexing and modulating of signal on single carrier.  To avoid this we uses the SCPC. SCPC stands for Single Channel Per Carrier.

Whereas SCPC is a reliable and simple technique. It is east to add new earth stations in SCPC. SCPC is good where your data rate is low like in voice signal or data too. Because there is fixed amount of data rate is needed for services. Radio Broadcasting is a good example of it.

Conclusion Of MCPC

MCPC is a system used in satellite communication where audio or data signals are multiplexed together and then modulated for up linking. Moving Picture Expert Group Transport Stream (MPEG TS) have overcome the MCPC technology.  MCPC is a cheap solution in comparative with SCPC.

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