What Is A Manifest File ? What Is Manifest File For Streaming Media Server & Apps ?

what is a manifest file


In Streaming Media Industry there are lot of terms available to define. Some of them we have already defined in our previous articles. We are covering each of them step by step.

Every program or a service contains an extra coded file with them which contains all the information about that program or service.

So what are these files ? why we need these file with our program or service ? In this article we will explain each of them step by step.

What Is A Manifest File ?

manifest file

In General A Manifest File is used to define the parameters and description of program, stream and Apps etc. This can be XML Based or CSV Based File.

Manifest files are used in various industries like Computer Programs, Streaming Media Industry and Android Apps Development etc. But the working functions are same for kind of industry according to their use case.

Let us now discuss about how these manifest files are useful for different industries below.

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Manifest Files For Streaming Media ?

manifest file for streaming

If you want to stream a video from streaming server then your player should have Manifest Files for this.

This manifest file contains the URIs and names for the streams. Which can not read easily. This manifest file contains the Title Of Video, Description Of Video, Closed Caption, Thumbnail, Label Information with your Custom Metadata. It also contains the adaptive bit rate information and DRM Data too.

Thus there are the various streaming media protocols which uses the different manifest file formats like,

Apple uses the m3u8 Manifest File for their HLS Streaming. This file is saved in “.m3u8” extension.

Adobe used the F4M Manifest File for HDS streaming. This file saved in “.F4M” extension.

Microsoft Smooth Streaming uses the ismc Manifest file . Which is saved in “.ismc” extension.

MPEG DASH uses the mpd which is represented as Media Presentation description. This contains the various information about audio component, video component, bit rates and captions etc.

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Manifest Files For Servers ?

manifest file server

If there is a server we install various programs in our server. So there is also a manifest file for these programs.

This Manifest File for programs defines the various things about the program. Which can be Version Of Program, Name Of Program , Files Information Of Program with Program License Information. etc

Thus this file defines the metadata of program which is very helpful for us.

Manifest Files For App Development ?

manifest file for app developement

If you are in android app development sector then you must be aware of that. Because in every app there is a manifest file named as AndroidManifest.xml .

This android manifest file defines the information of apps to various platforms. It provide the information to the Google Play, Android OS and Android Studio.

These requirements can be of software and hardware too.

This file provides various information like what is the package name of the app, what are permission needed for to run this app and what are retirements to run this app in a smartphone or tablet.

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A Manifest File is very helpful to stream the media content on the client end devices for streaming media industry. Because it contains various important information about media content like Codec information, adaptive bitrate and Resolution etc.

For Example,

If you have a JAR file then it also have its manifest file too. Where its default name is defined as “Manifest.mf”.

This file have various group of sections. Where each section have its two parts. Where one part define the name of the section while other part define the value for it.

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