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IPTV and OTT are two trending terms in cable tv industry after traditional digital headend system. MSOs are taking interest in these two technologies. But when we talk about these two terms then it is a bit confusing terms.

Because both technologies uses internet to deliver their television services to subscribers also both provides Video On Demand services. etc

To remove this confusion, In this article we will cover overview of IPTV , Overview of OTT  and what are differences between IPTV and OTT.

Overview Of OTT

OTT stands for Over The Top. OTT is used to deliver video streaming data on various subscriber end devices using internet. The video data is encoded , transcoded and encrypted then by using origin server streamed to CDN point for faster delivery.

It enable us to view content on various user end devices or subscriber end devices Smartphones , Tablet and Laptop etc.  OTT subscriber have freedom to use OTT services whenever he wants , wherever he wants needs only internet connection.

What Is OTT Headend And Its Architecture

Overview Of IPTV

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. In IPTV the streamed data is send via fiber on internet by using internet protocol.  It provides services Video On Demand , Near Video On Demand , Live TV and Time-shifted TV etc.

IPTV subscriber end devices are Set Top Box and Computer etc. IPTV subscriber get very good quality of content at cheaper price.

What Is IPTV Headend And Its Architecture

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IPTV OTT Difference

IPTV Platform

   OTT Platform

Content is delivered on Private Internet.

Content is delivered on Public

Internet example HTTPS://

Need of MSOs for delivery of content to subscribers.

No Need of MSOs for delivery of content

because it uses public internet to deliver their

services to subscribers

It needs broadband cable connection to view the content.

It doesn’t need fixed broadband cable

connection to view the content. It can be

viewed where internet is.

Service provider needs to have its own dedicated network for delivery of services.

Service provider doesn’t need to setup its own

dedicated network in field.

Dedicated network needs maintenance time to time.

no dedicated network no need to maintain.

Content is delivered directly to subscriber which gives better picture quality.

Content is delivered via public internet quality

depends on internet connection speed.

It provides EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for scheduled channels to subscribers

It provides the catalog for the viewable content.

So that subscriber can pick and choose from them.

It doesn’t have that much scope because it is limited.

It have more scope then IPTV

Conclusion Of IPTV OTT Difference

The major difference between IPTV plateform and OTT platform is that IPTV uses its own private internet while OTT uses Public internet to deliver the services to subscribers.

IPTV quality depends upon service providers network for which he needs to do maintenance time to time and need to hire employs for that while OTT doesn’t need it.

OTT headend is latest in trends because it is having huge market opportunities. This is all about IPTV OTT difference.

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