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SDI stands for Serial Digital Interface while HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. SDI HDMI both standards are used for the transmission for Digital video and audio signal.

SDI signal have various standards like HD-SDI , 3G-SDI and 6G-SDI. There are three types of HDMI cables Standard HDMI cables , Mini HDMI cables and Micro HDMI cables. We will here about HDMI SDI difference.

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HDMI SDI Difference

There various points which we need to consider in terms of difference between HDMI SDI difference ,


HDMI was developed by the electronics companies and movie producers. It was not just developed for the transmission of audio and video signal in one cable from source to destination. The major concern was to protect the data by using the HDCP standard.

HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. In HDCP standard a security key is generated to establish a connection between source to destination.

HD-SDI was developed by the professional broadcasting industry. For the transmission of HD signals. So there is no use of HDCP in HD-SDI.

Time Code

HD-SDI can transmit Time Code with video signals while do not.

Connector Difference

bnc hdmi connectorHDMI uses different connector than the SDI cables. Because SDI cables use the BNC connectors.


HDMI cables are more expansive than the SDI cables. Because SDI uses the coaxial cable RG-6.  This cable is easily available and cheap.

 Cable Length

HD-SDI cable length can be 300 feet which is usable for digital video broadcasting while HDMI cable length can be 30 feet long only. If you want to transfer data more than the 30 feet in HDMI cables then you need to use amplifiers or repeaters.

Connection Speed

HDMI connection speed is low than the HD-SDI cables connection speed. HDMI respond late after establishing a connection rather than HD-SDI. It is due to use of HDCP for HDMI cables.


HD-SDI have the backward compatibility. while HDMI do not have backward compatibility. You need to use HDMI to VGA converter which generate the security key for establishing a connection between source to destination. In other words it should support HDCP.

Cable Locking

BNC connectors have the locking system in connectors to the port. So than cable can not pull out. While HDMI cables do not have it.

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SDI and HDMI both standards carriers digital audio video signals with different cables , connectors and with different standards. When professional video broadcasting is considered then HD-SDI is used. HDMI cables are consumer based. So cable tv consumer can use it easily.

Standard HDMi cables are used in STBs and TV , Mini HDMi cables are used in the DSLRs while micro HDMI cables are used in Go Pros.

This is all about HDMI SDI difference.

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