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What Is This Webinar About ?

haivision webinar

This Webinar is conducted by the Haivision on the 7th of this March 2019 at 9:30 PM Indian Time or 11 AM in Eastern Time (United States).

The topic of this webinar will be introduction of Makito X4 Video Encoder. The Haivision Experts will educate us about this product, its features and its applications too.

What Topics To Be Covered In This Webinar ?

haivision webinar topics

As we have discussed above this webinar is all about Makito X4 Video Encoder. Where Haivision Team will discuss about,

(1) Encoder’s High Quality 4K Video

(2) Its Multi-bitrate Streaming

(3) Ultra Low Latency Feature

(4) SRT Protocol Feature

What Is SRT Protocol ?

What Is Makito X4 Video Encoder ?

haivision makito x4 encoder

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Haivision Makito X4 Video Encoder is Ultra Low Latency 4K Encoder for Streaming Media Industry. It is very useful to conduct the LIVE Interviews, Defense applications and Camera Feeds etc.

It does support AVC and HEVC encoding. A single Haivision Makito X4 Video Encoder supports 1 4K Channel or 4 HD Channels.

We will cover full specs of this encoder in our upcoming article. It will be updated here as well

What Is Haivision Media Gateway ?

Who Are The Speakers Of This Webinar ?

haivision webinar speakers

(1) Marcus Schioler , VP (Product Marketing)

(2) Peter Maag , Chief Marketing Officer

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Why To Join Webinar ?

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If you are a Tech Savvy guy or you are in Streaming Media Industry then you should never miss this kind of Webinars. This is one of the best way to educate yourself.

Invest In Yourself To Be More Productive !!!

How To Join This Webinar ?

haivision webinar

If you want to join this webinar then you need to register for this webinar.

Register Me Now For This Haivision Webinar

In the registration process you need to provide your Name, Email Address, Your Organization Name and Your Mobile Number. Then you need to verify your Email Address.

You can also schedule a alarm for this Webinar. The Schedule link will be provided you in the email.

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