What Is Haivision SRT Hub ? How It Is Helpful For Broadcasters ?

haivision srt hub


Broadcaster needs to broadcast the LIVE, time to time from different locations even from outside country too. So these broadcasters needs to have live feed from satellite links. Where they gets the source feed and broadcast it their platform.

These satellite links costs a lot to the broadcasters. So we are introducing here Haivision SRT Hub which reduces this problem.

What Is Haivision SRT Hub ?

srt hub

Haivision SRT Hub is a one step solution for broadcaster to do LIVE from anywhere anytime. It is reliable and secure for broadcasters.

In Other Words,

Haivision SRT Hub enable broadcasters to get source feed of LIVE from anywhere for production and broadcasting with low latency and security.

SRT Hub uses the SRT Protocol (Secure Reliable Transport Protocol) to send the content or media over internet using the Microsoft Azure backbone. Which provide reliability and security to content.

Where Microsoft Azure is having 54 data centers worldwide.

Above shown screenshot is the dashboard of SRT Hub which shows connection establishment between different regions. Where green color shows proper connection and red for disconnected.

How Haivision SRT Hub Works ?

srt hub working

As shown above in the figure,

For Example there are two LIVE which we are having from different locations United States and United Kingdom. A Haivision SRT Hub is installed separately to get the LIVE input feed and process it then send the media for broadcasting station established in INDIA. Where media or content passes through cloud routing (Microsoft Azure).

So there is a connection establishment between SRT Hub and Broadcasting Station. It does support API integration. Where a API request is generated for this connection establishment.

As we discussed above the content is transferred using SRT protocol which is secure and reliable protocol. It provides low latency to video.

This SRT Hub does support LIVE To LIVE workflows, LIVE into File Workflows and File To File Workflows.

SRT hub is intelligent enough device to select the best and shortest path for cloud routing.

What Are Features Of Haivision SRT Hub ?

(1) SRT Hub uses the SRT Protocol which is secure and reliable.

(2) SRT Protocol also provides low latencey.

(3) It supports API Integration with Broadcasting Station.

(4) It covers large number of countries using Microsoft Azure.


Haivision’s SRT Hub is a really smart device which perform various functions in it. It gets the LIVE feed from different sources as input then process it and send it over cloud network with low latency at broadcasting station.

This single device reduces the complexity of network by performing various tasks using Haivision’s SRT Protocol. It makes available content instantly for broadcasting station to broadcast the LIVE. Which reduces complexity and expanses too.

reference : haivision

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