What Is Haivision Media Gateway ? How Does It Work?

Heaivision Media Gateway

What Is Haivision Media Gateway ?

what is haivision media gateway

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Haivision Media Gateway is a solution for Broadcasters and Enterprises to stream their videos on Public or Private internet.

So it distribute the live video streams all over the world. It can also be used for to gather multiple streams from different locations to a single production center.

How Does It Work ?

How Does haivision media gateway WORK

As we have discussed above it is a media gateway, it is used to convert the SRT stream to MPEG TS over UDP.

It supports input streams like MPEG TS Over UDP, MPEG TS Over RTP, SRT, RTSP and RTMP. Then it provides the output streams like  MPEG TS Over UDP, MPEG TS Over RTP, SRT Stream and HLS Streams.

Where HLS Stream is encrypted. It can use 128/256 bit AES Encryption.

This Haivision Media Gateway can be used for Unicast and Multicast too. It does support Forward Error Correction FEC , Closed Captioning and Time Code.

It is configured using HTTPS web User interface.

This media gateway supports SRT protocol. So we can leverage the smartness of this SRT protocol in Network Adaptive Encoding. Because it will be good for surviving in public internet specially when the network congestion is high.

If you want to know Why This Network Adaptive Encoding Is Important then click here.

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What Are Features Of Haivision Media Gateway ?

(1) Low Latency Device

(2) It Supports SRT Protocol for delivering high quality video for better user experience.

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(3) It Supports 256 Bit AES Encryption

(4) It does supports various codecs and MPEG TS.

(5) Also available in cloud where you can pay per use. No need to buy this device.

What Are Applications Of Haivision Media Gateway ?

(1) Live Contribution For Broadcasters

(2) Backhauling

(3) Distribution Of LIVE Videos

(4) To Conduct the Interviews from different locations

(5) In monitoring of different Locations

Types Of Haivision Media Gateway ?

It can be available in three types mentioned below,

(1) Hardware

(2) Software

(3) Cloud Based

So it is available as hardware appliance. You can also go for its software availability too.  It is also available in the Cloud System.

It is available in the following cloud based systems like Microsoft Azure, VMware Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Haivision Media Gateway Availability ?

Haivision Media Gateway Availability

Its availability is divided according to output bitrate,

(1) 100 MBps Output Bitrate Streaming

It is small appliance which uses Linux operating system. It has one Gig port with one SFP Slot with transceiver.

(2) 200 MBps Output Bitrate Streaming

It is one Rack Unit device with Linux platform. It have 2 Gig ports.

(3) 500 Mbps Output Bitrate Streaming

It is also one Rack Unit device with Linux platform. It is having 4 Gigb ports with dual power supply of 550 Watts

(4) Cloud Based Machines

As we have discussed about you can also go for its Virtual Machines available in cloud. It gives you freedom for pay per use.


It is good solution for enterprises and broadcasters too, for live streaming. Where we can also use it in cloud system. So Use it until you want and pay for that time period only. It reduces the complexity of network and time consumption. So if you are using its Cloud version then you need to stream your SRT streams into cloud.

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