What Is Haivision 4K Encoder ? Makito X4 4K Encoder Working & Features ?

haivision 4k encoder


Encoder is a device used not only in headend while in any audio video industry. Where we need high quality video at lower bandwidth.

In our previous article we have explained about HD Encoders. So today in this article we will explain about 4K Encoder by Haivision. How This 4K encoder works and its features etc.

What Is Haivision 4K Encoder ?

makito x4 haivision 4k encoder

Makito X4 is haivision 4K Encoder. It is compact and standalone device. It is low latency video encoder.

It does support 4 Full HD inputs or single 4K Service [email protected]/60. It provides low latency streams which is capable over any network even public internet network too.

This encoder is powered by 8 encoding cores. It encode the video in HEVC & AVC codecs.

How Does Makito X4 4K Encoder Works ?

makito x4 video encoder 4ru

Makito X4 Video Encoder’s powerful 8 encoding cores enable it to deliver low latency video over high conjuction network too.

It encrypt the video using 256 bit-AES with SRT protocol. Where SRT Protocol stands for Secure Reliable Transport Protocol. SRT is a open source project. Which we have explained in our previous article you can find it here

This encoder have 4 SDI inputs and give IP outputs. It can be managed by Management port in its rear panel. It does support SNMP v3.

It is also having the RESET button to reset this encoder. LED indicating lights are available to indicate the input video source is available or not.

It can be mounted in racks. Its 4RU device supports 21 Ultra High Definition Videos and 84 HD channels as shown in the image above.

This Makito X4 encoder can be used in Professional Video Productions , Digital Video Broadcasters and LIVE Sports etc.

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What Are Features Of Makito X4 4K Encoder ?

(1) It Is Ultra low latency video encoder.

(2) It does support 4 Full HD Videos.

(3) It does support single 4K Channel.

(4) It is compact and portable device.

(5) It encrypt video streams using AES 128/256 bit with SRT protocol.

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Makito X4 haivision 4K encoder is a powerful , compact and stand alone device. It is capable to encode the video in HEVC and AVC codec. It does support 4 Full HD channels or single 4K Channel.

This small compact device can be used in field as well as in headends too. It totally depends upon your use case. The main feature of encoder is to encode the video in low latency.

Which makes it good device for live video productions.

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