Gospell QAM GQ3680 Working Specification Overview

gospell qam gq3680

Gospell QAM GQ3680 Introduction

Gospell GQ3680 is a IP QAM modulator. It takes the IP inputs then multiplex it, scramble it and gives RF outputs. Its Graphical User Interface is user friendly and fast responsive. It takes less timing in booting process which results less downtime.

It supports upto 4 CAS which are divided or indicated according to levels. Level 1 means No Scramble , Level 2 means 1 CAS Scramble (CA1) , Level 3 means 2 CAS Scramble (CA2) , Level 4 means 3 CAS Scramble (CA3) and Level 5 means 4 CAS scramble (CA4).

Gospell QAM GQ3680 Working & Specifications

 gospell qam gq3680 front
As shown above in the figure Gospell QAM GQ3680 have 3 LED indicators of Power, Status and Alarm.  Where power led glows when your device is power on successfully , status led indicates current working status of device and alarm led glows red if there is something wrong with device.

When we boot up the device and after completing of this boot up process if we did not pressed any front panel menu key within 60 seconds then its front menu keys will automatically locked. To unlock this we need to press Up and Down key continuously. To lock front panel menu we need to press Menu and Enter key continuously.

There are two RJ 45 management ports given on front panel of this device to access it or to configure it.

gospell qam gq3680 rear
As shown above in the figure Gospell qam GQ3680 have mainly three sections in its rear panel. Each section contains 2 RF ports and 2 GbE ports where GbE ports are for inputs and RF ports for outputs. In these 2 RF ports there is one RF Out Main and other is RF Test Port. So we need to get our output from RF Main Port only because RF Test port gives -20 dB less RF power. So this port is used as testing. This device is configured so that each RF Main Out provides maximum 16 Transport Streams as output. While newer version of this QAM provides 24 Transport Streams per RF Out port. Both GbE ports can be used as IP input of each section. Here each section is denoted by RF Card like RF Card 1 , RF Card 2 and RF Card 3 of this QAM.

Do not forget to connect your headend’s earthing cable with this QAM’s earthing terminal for safety point of view.

Gospell QAM GQ-3680 Configuration Backup Restore

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Gospell QAM GQ3680 Specifications

PSI/SI tables can be generated in it also you can upload it manually.

Network Information Tables can be generated in it automatically you can edit NIT in it.

4 Sinulcrypt CAS are supported in it.

Web based GUI for configuration and SNMP control.

RF test port is also available which provides -20 dB less power output than main port.

Its UI supports multiple languages.

PID Filtering.

You can configure it for 16 QAM, 32 QAM, 64 QAM, 128 QAM and 256 QAM.

It provides RF out in frequency range from 54 MHz to 860 MHz.

It automatically save User’s configuration.

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