How To Get Your Free Headend INFO Paper Book ?

free headend info book


We are receiving too much demand for giveaway of Headend INFO PaperBook from our subscribers. After doing lot of research we found a solution for subscribers who need it free of cost.

So Headend INFO is doing Giveaway of limited number of Headend INFO 16 Article Paper Books all over india. The subscribers needs to follow one simple task to claim their book.

This task is related to BRAVE Browser because we are verified with BRAVE. Where you need to install it and then send tips. Which will cost to our subscribers nothing.

It is WIN WIN situation.

Steps To Get Your Free Headend INFO Book

(1) You need to first Download Brave Browser in your Mobile / Computer or Laptop.

(2) Then You need to install it. After pressing NEXT 5 times click on Enable Rewards as shown below in screen shot.

create wallet bat headend info

(3) Then You need to click on YES I’M IN. Then it will create a wallet for you.

bat token headend info

(4) Then a new Tab will open where you need to claim 40 BAT. You need to fill the captcha after that. It can take sometime to show CLAIM button. Then CLAIM button for Brave Token Grant can be seen immediately after installation.

Otherwise due to high network congestion it can take 24 hours to show in your mobile or desktop. Where BAT Token Quantity can be vary little bit.

claim bat token

(4) After claiming it will show 40.0 BAT as shown below,

bat token claim headend info

(5) Then you need to open the Headend INFO website in your Brave Browser. Then click on triangle as mentioned below in the image.

Then you need to send A TIP by clicking on SEND A TIP…

bat token claim headend info

(6) Now a new window will open where you need to select the 10.0 BAT then check mark monthly as mentioned below in screen shot. Then SEND It.

Where you need to do this process 4 times because each time you can maximum send 10 BAT only. after sending leave the browser open for at least 20 minutes.

bat token claim headend info

(6) After sending total 40 BAT you need to inform us( on whatsapp at +91 8239222444) that please verify i have completed my task to claim your book.

Then our team will verify it in our system that you have completed the task or not. If we verified you, then you need to send your complete address to us with your mobile number. Then we will courier you book with in 24 hours.

Stock is limited after that Giveaway will be closed.

If you have any query about this then whatsapp us on +91 8239222444.

NOTE : If in case you are not seeing the option of BAT TOKEN CLAIM then do not worry. Keep it installed in your computer or mobile then recheck after some days it will be available there to CLAIM.


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