Foxtel’s First 4K UHD Service Powered By Harmonic In Australia

foxtel powered by harmonic system

About Foxtel

Foxtel is Australia’s most progressive media company. Which provide the video services via Cable and Satellite distribution system. It’s headquarter is in Sydney. It is owned by news corporation and telstra corporation.

About Harmonic

Harmonic is known for its video delivery technology which enable operators to provides cable tv services and OTT Service globally etc. It is also known for its patents on the compression solution. Which results better picture quality in low bitrate. For example Harmonic’s EyeQ Technology.

It offers OTT Solutions, IPTV solutions, Cable Tv Solutions and for satellite too. It is based on various technologies like EyeQ Content aware, Virtual Reality, UHD HDR, CCAP and cloud native. After implanting these solutions its support system is also good for technical troubleshooting.

Foxtel 4K Channel Powered By Harmonic

foxtel powered by harmonic

This october harmonic announced that they have implemented Harmonic Software Based UHD solution to Foxtel for providing 4K UHD channel. There were three things in consideration HDR supporting, Quality Of Video and Reliability said system manager of foxtel.

Harmonic Implemented following Equipments,

RD9000 Decoder = For high quality of videos

Electra Video Processor = For UHD HEVC encoding of video

Prostream X Stream Processor = to the scrambling

So Now the subscribers of foxtel will feel very good quality of videos in 4K UHD.

Foxtel will start this 4K service from 14 August 2018.

If you are a foxtel customer then to get 4K channel you need to have iQ4 set top box, HDMI 2.0 cable, 4K television and Platinum HD Pack.


It is great that Foxtel implemented Harmonic’s products. Because its products are very much efficient. It uses the compression algorithms which are filtered by many steps say for example EyeQ Technology.

EyeQ Technology gets the benefit of HVS. Where HVS represents Human Visual System. Because our eyes are more sensitive about Contrast rather luminescence. This is why if we change in the luminescence of the picture then it is not much noticeable by human eyes. While in case if we change in contrast of picture then our eyes notice it. So compression algorithms are applied on luminescence part of picture for better user experience and bandwidth saving. Which results better system performance and cost saving.

Foxtel provides services Cable Tv, IPTV and Satellite in Australia.

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