What Is FEC BEC ? Forward Error Correction & Backward Error Correction In Satellite Communication ?

What is forward error correction


A wireless communication system gets the noise. To reduce this noise you increase the transmitter power but that will affect your Signal To Noise Ratio.


if we goes for ARQ which means Automatic Request For Repeat. If our receiver found the error in the data then it request for data to send again. Which is called the re-transmission of data.

For larger distance, wireless medium re-transmission of data is not feasible. Then after we needs to go for FEC Technique.

Thus in Digital Headend System we gets in touch of various terms like MER, BER, CBR, VBR and MBR. Each of these terms we have explained briefly in our previous articles.

But today in this article we are going to explain the What Is FEC ? What BEC ? How it can be helpful for Data Communication ?

What Is FEC ?

what is forward error correction

FEC stands for Forward Error Correction. It is used to receive the correct data at receiving end for longer distance. It is also known as Channel Coding.

The FEC is used where Re-transmission of data for correction is not possible or very costly. Also this communication medium is noisy and wireless too.

These communication medium can be Satellite Communication, Telecommunication etc. In this case FEC is very helpful for proper delivery of data. FEC uses the Reed Solomon Coding.

Thus FEC is used for broadcasting of data from one source to multiple receiving devices. Where a handshaking didn’t take place between source and destination.

Explain Me – Difference Between Broadcasting , Multicasting & Unicating ?

How Does FEC Works ?

In a communication system we sends the data from source to destination with the help of transmitter and receiver. So at the transmitter side Error Correction Codes are added with data. Now this encoded data it is send to the receiver over noisy medium.

At the receiving end error correction codes are applied to data to recover it from errors. So that receiver can provide the efficient output.

Where these error correction codes remove the error bits from the data to recover it properly.

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FEC For Satellite Communication ?

It is very helpful for satellite communication. Because in satellite communication re-transmission of data is not possible. Any how if re-transmission of data is possible then it is very much expensive with time delay. Which is inefficient.

So a satellite receiver can not communicate back with the transmitter for error correction. In this case FEC is useful for proper data delivery.

Thus FEC is not only used in Satellite Communication while it is also used in telecom and radio too for proper receiving of data.

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What Is Role Of BER In FEC ?

BER is called the Bit Error Rate. It denotes the total number of error bit found in the given bit information. BER is used to measure the efficient of FEC.

If we found 1 bit error out of 100 bit, then we applied FEC on this which results 1 bit error out of 10,000 bit information.

Forward Error Correction & Backward Error Correction ?

FEC consume more bandwidth than BEC (Backward Error Correction). Also FEC recover the signal very quickly from errors.

In case of FEC it required to have good computational power at receiving end because the algorithm is applied to recover the data from unwanted information.

simultaneously FEC is good for longer distance transmission where re transmission of data is not possible. But in backward error correction it is not like that.

Because in BEC the information is send again and again.

What Are Advantages Of FEC ?

(1) It reduces the errors in the transmission system quickly.

(2) No need for re-transmission of data.

(2) It enable for long distance transmission with accuracy.

(4) Low communication power is needed for it.

The disadvantage with FEC is its Latency.


FEC is useful for proper data delivery on large distance in noisy wireless environment. Where receiver should be capable to compute the algorithm for proper data recovery.

The additional data bits which we add for error correction are also known as Error Correction Codes & Check Bits.

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