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    i am local cable operator in MP . my competitor in rural area was giving analog channels which can play in tv without setup box. Even he was not having having broadcasters irds while he was having digital line only.
    how is it possible?


    Bro there can be only one way to do so,

    as you said he was having digital line and not the broadcaster irds.

    then he installed a analog headend and he used setup boxes instead of broadcaster irds. After that he given the input to the setup box of digital line which he is already having.

    thus digital line input goes into the 50 different setup boxes and audio video output of this setup box goes into the analog modulators then mixed it. thus this mixed output working as a analog channels which can easily run in TV without setup box.

    hope you understand!!!

    This is not the right way to run channels. You can get in BIG TROUBLE. So never do like that.
    if someone is doing this thing then warn him that you can get in big trouble. dont do like that.


    i understood it.

    Thanks a lot for giving me this big explanation and quick reply.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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