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    Ujjwal Swami

    Discuss here about freezing in digital headend related problems.


    Sir there is freezing my headend i am using one switch only…i checked direct ip output of switch on vlc player it is freezing. all the channels are freezing what causes can be????
    please reply thanks in advance…

    Ujjwal Swami

    There are many reasons of freezing in digital headend you need to check step by step
    (1) first check channel on tv if same satellites channels are freezing then there there may problem with your RF section and broadcaster side too
    (2) Check if one encoders channels are freezing then reset the encoder and reconfigure it. then check the output of encoder on vlc.
    (3) if all the channels are freezing you have checked randomly then check the data of switch it is exceeding its limit or not?
    (4) still if there is freezing then reboot the switch. check then after booting.
    (5) if still there is freezing and your switch is configured then get the backup of switch configuration and hard reset it by pressing button in front (Cisco switch) and then upload the configuration then check.

    other reasons can be cat6 wire abnormal behavior due to cut in it.

    hope that helps!!!


    point number 5 worked for me sir!!!!

    Thanks a lot sir!!!

    my switch was not already configured and i hard boot the switch by pressing the button in front and after booting it everything is working fine!!!

    freezing have removed.

    Headend INFO forum is very helpful.

    Thanks again!!!

    Ujjwal Swami


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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