What Is Splicing ? What Are Types Of Splicing ? How It Works In Field ?


What Is Splicing

Splicing is a method in which two points of OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) are joined together.The machine used for this method is called the splicing machine.The method of joining of fibers is called Connectorization or Termination.Good splicing depends on lower the splicing losses.experience holder splicer can do splicing at lower losses.There are two types of Fiber splicing mentioned below.

Types Of Splicing

(1) Mechanical Splicing

mechanical splice For Fiber Splicing

Mechanical splicing depends on alignment of two Fiber points.Mechanical splicing is designed to align two fiber points so that optical power or light can pass easily from one fiber point to other.In mechanical splicing we did not use heat melt the fiber points.We use the index matching gel.

Mechanical Splicing Method

(1) First we need to strip the fiber coating,jackets and tubes etc. leave the bare fiber only.Then we need to clean the fiber by using alcohol.

(2) Second step is to cleave the fiber.Cleaver is a tool which comes with splicing machine.We need to cleave the fiber in such a way that it should be perpendicular to fiber axis.Cleaver produce the angle of 0.5 degree or less.Proper cleave angle is good for fiber splicing because it makes good efficiency of optical signal or lower the losses.

(3) Third step we need to position the fiber ends together in mechanical splicing unit.A index matching gel inside this apparatus will help to couple the optical light from one fiber to other fiber.This mechanical splice provides its own protection to the fiber.

Thus mechanical splicing take place.Typical loss for mechanical splice is 0.3dB.

What is OFC Cable

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(2) Fusion Splicing

fusion splicing machine for fiber splicing

In fusion splicing we join the fiber ends together by heat.The fiber is joined together by welding threw electric arc.Heat is produced threw these electric arc and then fiber melts.After melting the fiber these arc weld the fiber permanently.

Fusion Splicing Method

(1) First we need to strip the fiber protective coating,tubes and jackets.We leaves only bare fiber.Then we need to clean this fiber from alcohol.

(2) As discussed above a cleaver is a tool which comes with splicing machine.Then we use this cleaver to cleave the fiber at good angle.This is very important step to cleave the fiber.Because we need to cleave the fiber perpendicular to fiber axis.

(3) Now we need to align the fiber in splicing machine.This alignment can be automatic or manual.That depends upon the type of slicing machine.After that heat is produced form electric arc then fiber ends melt.Fiber is melted in such a way that fiber ends join each other permanently.Thus optical signal can go from one end to second end.

(4) After the fusion splicing a heat shrink tubing is done to protect the fiber  from external forces.A fusion splicing have tensile strength of .5 to 1.5 lbs.

Thus in this way fusion splicing take place.

Which Type Of Fiber Splicing Is Better

Mechanical Splicing have lower investment initially but cost high per splice. Fusion Splicing machine is expensive but splicing cost is no so much high.

Losses in fusion splice machine is very low.While in mechanical splicing losses is high than fusion splicing.Fusion splice machine provide less back reflection.Alignment if fusion splicing machine is better than in mechanical splicing.

Thus Fusion Splicing is more better than the Mechanical Splicing.

This is all about the CATV Fiber splicing and Fiber splicing machine.

Know More About  What Is OFC or Optical Fiber Cable

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