What Is F4M ? Flash Media Manifest File Format For Streaming Media ? F4MTester ?

what is f4m


A Manifest file have the presentation of the media for streaming. It contains the metadata and additional streaming information.

This manifest file can be multi-level, stream-level and set-level. Where a multi-level manifest have several manifest files’s docs.

While Set-Level manifest file have the detail of bitrate , language with resolution. On the other hand stream level manifest have the detail of single content only.

So today in this article we are going to describe the what is F4M , its functions, tools, codecs and its tester.

What Is F4M ?

f4m file

F4M is known as Flash Media Manifest Format. This is the F4M XML Manifest Files save in .F4M extension.

Streaming Media Service Providers uses the F4M Manifest files for the players to to describe the media for playing.

We need to use this F4M manifest file format for players because the media information is a bit complex to describe. Because this media information can not be described in single URI (Uniform Resource Indicator) for playing the media content. That is why we need to use this Manifest File.

F4M Media Manifest File Format is used for Adobe HDS Streaming Protocol. Where HDS is HTTP Dynamic Streaming Protocol.

It also support other streaming media protocols like RTMP and RTMFP etc.

There are many more manifest files used by other streaming media protocols like,

Apple uses the m3u8 Manifest File for HLS Streaming which is saved in”.m3u8″ extension. While MPEG DASH uses mpd Manifest Files for streaming media which is saved in “.mpd” extension.

What Are Functions Of F4M ?

(1) Its version 3.0 have the backward compatibility.

(2) The Insertion of ads can be done.

(3) It does support SMPTE Timecodes. So time can be added in it for streaming.

(4) It does support various audio codecs.

(5) It enable us for fast forwarding and rewind of video.

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So it can contains various information like Codecs, multi-bit rate file & resolution etc.

What Is F4M File Packager Tool ?

There is a tool named as File Packager Tool. Which is used to create the F4M files. This tool is used to package he content. So when you package the content via packager for streaming then content is packaged into the F4F fragment

Where more files are generated named as F4M and F4X. After the packaging the media content is send to player for playing the content from server.

What Are Supported Codecs ?

(1) Video Codecs

It does support video codecs like H.264 Baseline Profile 3.0 and H.264 for Maine Profile Level 3.0

(2) Audio Codecs

It does support various audio codecs like MPEG-4 AAC, MPEG 4 HE-AAC. AC-3 and Enchanced AC-3.

Explain Me Briefly What Is AAC Audio Codec ?

What Is F4MTester ?

F4MTester is used to decode the F4M files for streaming the content. It is widely used in the Kodi player. This addon was introduced by Shani.

We need to install this F4Mtester in the kodi players as addon. After installing this addon we need to locate it for F4M files. Which enable us to play media files on kodi player.

F4MTester addon is helpful for other addons. Because it helps other addons for operations. So this kind of addon is known as the dependency.

F4MTester enhances the functionally of the KODI. Because it provides good quality streams to kodi players.


Basically a F4M manifest file have a bit complex information of media content for Adobe HDS streaming. Also this adobe manifest file have various additional information which is useful for streaming the content.

It supports the DRM security of content. So that unauthorized user can not play it and your content is safe.This is codec Agnostic.

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