Harmonic Electra XVM A Virtual Media Processor

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There are basically two types of encoding named as Software Based Encoding and Hardware Based Encoding. So today in this article we are going to cover a Electra XVM a Virtual Media Processor which perform the Software Based Encoding.

What Is Electra XVM

electra xvm

Harmonic’s Product Electra XVM is  a Virtual Media Processor used for software based real time encoding. It can scale and scale down programs as per requirement.

It is the first product based on harmonic’s VOS Architecture. Harmonic’s VOS platform uses the computing power of Intel server.  This VOS architecture uses the Harmonic’s PURE Compression Engine.

Working Of Electra XVM

As we discussed above Electra XVM uses VOS platform which utilities the PURE Compression Engine.  This PURE Compression Engine Technology deliver hgh quality video at low bitrate. Also it makes us codec independent. Because it supports different codecs like MPEG 2, MPEG 4, AVC and HEVC with different formats like SD, HD and UHD. It supports for CBR, VAR and ABR.

There were lot of algorithms was developed by the harmonic in past. These algorithm are implemented in the PURE Compression Engine technique to make it more efficient product.

Additionally there is one more optional technology named as EyeQ which also be implemented with PURE Compression Engine Technology to improve more picture quality. It uses the AVC codec which results 50 percent less bandwidth consumption in delivery of high quality videos. Also there is no need for any up gradation in client side devices.

Electra XVM also have integrated video graphics for better performance.

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Features Of Electra XVM

It supports various Codecs & Formats MPEG2, MPEG4, AVC, HEVC & SD, HD, UHD.

It uses Harmonic’s PURE Compression Engine Technology to deliver high quality video at lower bitrate.

It uses Statistical Multiplexing DiviTrackIP Technique. Which make more efficient to Electra XVM.

It supports Digital Dolby Plus audio Encoding.

It supports Linear Ad Insertion.


A Harmonic’s Product Electra XVM is a virtual media processor for scale up or scale down programs as per requirement which supports various codecs and its formats. It provides good quality encoded video at lower bitrate because it uses the PURE Compression Technique. Which reduces the cost and provides better solution for encoding. It is virtual processor based on software, delivers low bitrate videos without any compromising in the quality of video.

Know More About   Harmonic Electra X2

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