What Is Harmonic Electra XOS ? How It Works & Its Features ?

harmonic electra xos


As we all knows Harmonic have done various development in cable tv industry or streaming media industry. Which results generation of new technology which increases the efficiency of devices.

Harmonic improves his AI Based Algorithms to make their devices more efficient. Which generates the problem solving products. Harmonic’s Electra XOS is also one of them.

What Is Harmonic Electra XOS ?

elecra xos video processor

Electra XOS is a powerful LIVE Video Processor by Harmonic. It is 1 Rack Unit Device. It is used for OTT Headend System and Broadcast too.

It provides very good video quality on lower bitrates. It is due to its powerful hardware with software configuration integration.

Because Harmonic have developed various AI algorithms and compression techniques to reduce the output bitrate while maintaining the good video quality.

What Is Phenomenon Behind Harmonic Electra XOS ?

electra xos phenomenon

This device uses the Harmonic’s PURE Compression Engine Technique. Which results pristine video quality at any bit rate you want. These Highly efficient AI Algorithms also reduces the CPU Power Consumption.

This Electra XOS Live Video Processor also uses the Harmonic’s EyeQ Technology to reduce the bandwidth consumption of services. This EyeQ Technology gets the benefits of Human Visual System to reduce the output bit rate.

We have explained this Harmonic’s EyeQ Technology briefly here.

So this video processor is also good for OTT Headend Systems because it does support MPEG DASH and HLS Packaging. Which results large coverage of subscriber end devices.

Secondly it provides pristine quality videos at lower bitrate as explained above which results low CDN Charges for OTT Delivery Systems.

What Are Supported Formats & Config Of Electra XOS ?

electra xos configuration

It does support MPEG 2 , MPEG 4 AVC and HEVC Compression Techniques.

It does support the resolution of upto 3840*2160p @ 50/60 fps & upto 1920*1080i @ 25/50 fps.

As we have discussed above it it 1 RU device. It uses the two power supplies. Both are hot swappable.

It uses the Dual Intel Xenon processor depending upon your use case. There are maximum 16 HD-SDI Ports or you can go for 8 3G-SDI ports. It uses the 10 Gig interface.

It is compatible with COTS server.

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Harmonic facilitate this product to connect with Harmonic Hub. Which is very useful for Device’s Technical Support and Software Updates.

This device can be managed by Harmonic’s NMX Digital Service Manager. If in case you wants to use it in stand alone mode then you need to configure it with Web user interface.

What Are Features Of Electra XOS ?

features of electra xos

(1) It supports MPEG DASH , HLS & CMAF which makes it good for OTT Solutions.

(2) PURE Compression Engine with EyeQ Technology provides very good video quality on low bandwidth consumption.

(3) It supports HDR Processing.

(4) It Does Support Harmonic HUB.

(5) It supports UHD and provides Low Latency.

If you wants to know more about CMAF then read it here.


electra xos conclusion

Although there are various OTT Solutions available online. Harmonic’s Electra XOS is also one of them. This device can also be used in various LIVE Processing solutions.

We have also explained Harmonic’s Electra XVM product which you can find here.

reference : harmonic

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