What Is DRM DRM Working DRM Marketplace And DRM Providers

Digital Rights Management


Every premium content provider wants to protect his content from unauthorized users. Also he wants to do some limitation to authorized  user for accessing his premium content. This is done to provide credits to original content provider by users.

In Digital Headend System we use the CAS Server or Conditional Access Server for protection of content.  So that content provider can deliver the content to authorized users only. But when the things comes in terms of implementation of OTT Headend we need to go through the term DRM.

So in this article we will cover what is DRM , Working of DRM and DRM Providers.

What Is DRM

Digital Rights management DRM

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM is used by the premium content providers to protect the data from unauthorized access for OTT Headend. Where premium content is digital media.

Basically DRM is divided into two parts,

License Manager

Licenaw Manager is used to issue the license for digital media on request. There are some restrictive licenses implemented to limit the users for accessing content.

Encryption System

Encryption system is used to encrypt the data for unauthorized use. So it gives a protection to content provider that user can not copy or redistribute it. A AES algorithm is used to encrypt the data.

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Working Of DRM

Digital Rights Management Working

First of all a request is made from user device to access the content. This request goes to the DRM. After receiving this request by DRM then DRM communicate with the Data Server to check that requested user is authorized or not. After checking the Data Server sends approval for this user back to DRM. Then DRM generate a Key for the request user to access the content.

DRM Martketplace

Apple FPS

Apple FPS Or Apple FairPlay Streaming is the apple’s DRM. Apple FPS is used for HTTP Live Streaming also known as HLS. It is used on all iOS devices and Apple Tv.

Google Widevine

Windevine DRM is Google’s DRM. It supports various consumer devices. Widevine DRM is divided into two parts Modular and Classic.

Microsoft PlayReady

It can be called as next of Windows Media DRM. It support Windows Mobile , Xbox and Windows OS and OTT devices.

Adobe Primetime

Adobe Primetime also known as Access. Adobe flash player is very popular for playing the video online in browser. It is also good option to protect the content in web browser.

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DRM Service Providers


Microsoft Azure



DRM Today

Conclusion Digital Rights Management

We use Conditional Access Server in Digital Headend Server like this we use Digital Rights Management for content protection in OTT Headend and IPTV Headend too. DRM enable content provider to protect their content online and to be delivers authorized subscribers. It provides the Key to authorized users for accessing the content.

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