Difference Between SRT and VTT ? SRT Vs WebVTT ? How To Convert SRT To VTT ?

Difference Between SRT VTT


We received lot of request from large number of people that they wants to know about what is the difference between SRT File and VTT file ?

This question is obvious because these two files looks similar. But there are some small coding difference which impact on its output a lot.

So we will cover today in this article about what are these coding differences and how they affect its output step by step.

What Is SRT ?

What Is SRT

SRT is called SubRip Text Format. It is a text format for captioning and subtitling.

In other words,

A simple text file which contains the captions display format for video and saved in .srt Extension. It is widely used because its format is easy to use. But it is having limited functionality for captions and subtitles.

What Is VTT ?

What Is VTT

VTT is the extension of WebVTT files. Where WebVTT represents the Web Video Text Tracks.

WebVTT was developed on the basis of SRT file format. So it was called as WebSRT. But later, VTT started to support HTML5 codes. Which made it more advanced than the SRT files.

By supporting various additional features than SRT files. What are these additional features we are discussing all of them step by step below.

What Is WebVTT Explain Me in Brief ?

Difference Between SRT and VTT ?

(1) Timecode Formatting

In VTT files you separate the Seconds & Miliseconds with DOT as indicated “.” .

While in SRT file you separate the Seconds and Mili Seconds with Comma as indicated “,

Also in VTT file you can use timecode format as

hh:mm:ss.ms or mm:ss.ms

(2) Caption Numbering

Caption Numbering is mandatory in term of SRT files. While on the other hand it is not necessary in terms of VTT files.

It is optional for you in WebVTT file that you want to assign the number to each caption or not.

What Are Captions Explain Me in Brief ?

(3) Metadata & Description

You can add the Metadata and description in VTT files. It facilitate you to add comments. you can add comment by using “NOTE “.

While in case of SRT files you can not add the Metadata or description in the files. It did not supports.

(4) Advanced Features

SRT does support Bold, Ittalic and Underline features with the text positions.

While in case of VTT file it does support all of these above mentioned functions. It support more than that like to give fonts to text and make text colorful. Wide variety of fonts are supported by VTT files.

So there is more freedom in VTT files that is why it is called the advanced version of SRT files.

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Online SRT and VTT Tools ?

If you are working with SRT and VTT files then are two tools which can be very helpful for you to save your time and effort. These tools will increase your working efficiency.

VTT File Checker

You need to just copy paste your code in this above mentioned online tool. It will scan your code and let you know errors if found.

SRT To VTT Converter

This tool will save your time. You need to copy paste your SRT code to covert it into VTT Code. Now your VTT code is ready to use.


Subtitling and captioning are the two main important factors for videos. Captioning is mandatory by government in some courtiers. That is why there is use of these two format SRT and VTT.

These files does support both captions and subtitles. Where SRT is widely used basic version and VTT is having advanced features.

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