D9850 Power Vu Satellite Program Receiver Overview

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What Is D9850 Power Vu


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D9850 Power Vu is a Scientific Atlanta 1 Rack Unit device. Scientiifc Atlanta is CISCO company, D9850 Power Vu is a satellite program receiver. It is DVB MPEG 2 compatible. It decodes the video in Chrominance Subsampling 4:2:0. It supports Encrypted video , audio , utility data and VBI data too.

It provides the audio video output which can be directly inserted into analog modulates to provides the signal in field. It provides mono and stereo outputs. It provides efficient audio video output signal which makes it applicable for digital headend systems.

 D9850 Power Vu supports the Digital Program Replacement. DPR is facilitty which allow a headend to switch from primary service to other service in the condition of blackout.  Power Vu needs to replace the PID information from primary service to other service. It provides the ad insertion facility.

It is having RJ 45 jack in its backpanel to manage this device. This port is also used for Data output at 50 Mbps. A RS 232 port is also available for utility data. Its front panel contains LED blinking indicator. If green LED is blinking means signal is locked while red blinking shows alarms. It provides 4 RF inputs in which RF port 1 provides LNB power.

It have front panel LCD screen with keypad to configure this device which also shows current status of device. LCD screen shows different letters for different meanings as follow,

A Letter =   A means Active which represents the input RF status is active.

S Letter = S means Select which represents select key is activated.

I Letter = I means information which represents Contextual Information.

Default Credentials for D9850 Power Vu :

User name : user

Password : USER

Digital Content Manager DCM D9902

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D9850 Power Vu Functions

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It provides IP data output at 50 Mbps via RJ45 port on back panel.

Web based GUI for configuration and SNMP control facility via RJ45 connector on back panel.

RS 232 port for utility data.

Chrominance Subsampling output 4:2:0 for PAL and NTSC.

It supports Digital Program Replacement.

It supports Aspects ratio 4:3 , 16:9 and 14:9.

Mono and stereo balance audio output , it supports mpeg dolby digital audio AC-3.

supports Power Vu CAS and

Two video outputs one is live and other one is for monitoring.

2 SDI outputs embedded audio.

It provides external ad insertion via 3 pin cue tone.

LCD screen on front panel to configure and check the status of device.


D9850 Power Vu is a satellite channels receiver or decoder which decode the encrypted channels as well as Free To Air channels. It is used in analog headend as well as in digital headend. Its output audio video quality is good it supports Dolby Digital Audio.  It also supports BISS key function to receive the channels. It also facilitate us for ad insertion.

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