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There are several kinds of CATV subscriber end devices which are responsible for different services. These devices can be STB, Satellite Receiver, VAP , RG , Cable Modem , Router. These devices creates little bit confusion for cable tv subscribers.

Thus a cable tv subscriber want to differentiate CATV Subscriber End Devices which makes them more easy to understand the technology. Also it helps what product they want which fulfill their requirements.

What Is STB

Earlier we were using Analog Headend. Then cable tv RF were going directly into the Television RF input. But when Digital Headend came then there was need for STB for each cable tv subscriber.

STB stands for Set Top Box. STB is CATV Subscriber End Device which decodes the signal comes from Digital Headend and enable a cable tv subscriber to watch  Tv Services.

In other words a STB is a hardware device resides at Cable tv subscriber to provide tv channels by composite and HDMI output.

There are various kinds of STB are available like SD (Standard Definition) STB , HD (High Definition) STB and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)STB. A SD STB provides composite video signal output or Audio video output. HD STB provides HDMI output for TV for high resolution. A STB also provides Services like Radio , Games , VOD and SDV.

Each subscriber have its own personal STB for which he have a registered account in his Cable Tv Service Provider company. This service provider have authority for activation and deactivation of STB as per payment made by cable tv subscriber. There should be one dedicated STB for one Television. So it works on per STB per Tv phenomenon.


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What Is Satellite Receiver

satellite receiver catv subscriber end devices

A satellite receiver is a hardware device which accepts the RF input directly from the Satellite Dish and gives SD and HD output. There are two kinds of satellite receivers FTA satellite receiver and premium satellite receivers. FTA satellite receivers are easily available in the market. Premium satellite receivers are provided by the broadcasters to MSOs.

If a individual person wants to use FTA satellite receiver then he can use it at his own home. He needs to mount the satellite dish on his floor. Different kinds of dishes are used to tune the satellite receiver. We need to enter following tuning parameters to tune a satellite receiver these are Satellite Name , Satellite Degree, Symbol Rate, Frequency and Polarization. So if we enter these things we can tune a satellite receiver on a particular satellite.

What Is VAP

VAP front

VAP abbreviated for Video Access Point. .If the things comes in terms of wireless stb then we needs to use VAP. VAP is a hardware device connected to RG (Residential Gateway) to create Wifi area for wireless stb.

Thus VAP is connected with RG via CAT6 cable. Now VAP creates a wifi medium. The wireless stb should be in this wifi range to receive the signal. By pairing the VAP with the wireless stb the subscriber can watch his tv channels.

Thus VAP plays an important role in deployment of wireless stb.

What Is Residential Gateway

residential gateway

Residential Gateway is hardware device used for deployment of wireless stb. This device is connected to the service provider and gives IP output. This output is connected with VAP via CAT 6 cable.

Thus VAP receive the input signal from RG.

What Is Cable Modem

cable modem arris motorola

Cable Modem is a hardware device used for to provide internet service to cable tv subscribers. It has RF input port and provides IP output via RJ 45 jack. This output goes directly in the personal computer for internet. It demodulate the signal which comes from CMTS. So it works as inter mediator in between CMTS and Internet accessing devices.

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Cable modem is used for to provide high speed data connection to their subscribers.

What Is Router

n router

The cable modem provides the IP output via RJ 45 jacks. A PC is directly connected to the cable modem via CAT 6 for accessing the internet. But if we want to access the internet in wireless devices then we need to use local router.

A router is a hardware device which enable multiple devices for accessing the internet by wired and wireless connectivity. These devices can be Mobile , Tablet and laptop.

Thus router have IP input and provides multiple IP output ports.

Conclusion Of CATV Subscriber End Devices

We have discussed various catv subscriber end devices like STB , VAP , Cable Modem , Satellite Receiver and Residential Gateway. All of these devices are responsible to perform different tasks. STBs , FTA Satellite receivers and Cable Modems are three devices mostly using now a days.

This is all about CATV Subscriber End Devices.

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