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If you are a continuous reader of Headend INFO then you must be aware of OTT Services and how this Digital Headend CATV Industry is reforming with Streaming Media Industry.

Technologies are changing rapidly with innovations like Blockchain and AI etc. These two technologies are embedding in the streaming media industry for better user experience.


Today in this article we will discuss briefly,

  • What exactly are pre developed OTT Service platforms ?
  • What are features of these OTT Service Platforms ?
  • How To Start your own LIVE Channels with these platforms ?
  • How much OTT Service Platforms charge to start your channel ? etc.

What Are Pre Developed OTT Service Platforms ?

best ott service platform

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Pre Developed OTT Platform is cloud based infrastructure. Where this cloud infrastructure can be AWS Cloud or Google Cloud etc. One of the best Pre Developed OTT Service Platform MUVI is shown above.

These OTT Platforms are developed to provide various solutions in Streaming Media Industry. Where these applications can be,

(1) LIVE Channels Over The Top

(2) Video CMS Websites

(3) Audio CMS Websites

(4) E-commerce Websites etc.

Above mentioned are the three applications for OTT Platforms. As shown above one of the best pre developed OTT platform is MUVI

As you have seen above we called it pre developed OTT Platforms because its infrastrcture is already made. A OTT Service provider need to Sign Up only.

After Signing Up on these platforms a OTT Service Provider need to do the branding on this platform and start streaming.

These platforms are so designed that a person having average knowledge of Streaming Media Industry can configure it. All of the coding works in background he needs to only configure and start stop the services.

Because these OTT Platforms are having user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Here CMS represents the Content Management System. A system which manage the video library which need to stream.

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How Does MUVI OTT Service Platform Works ?

Pre Developed OTT Service Platform working

As shown above in the diagram Live video source is there. Which is giving audio video output to encoder for encoding. Which produces the RTMP streams for MUVI OTT Platform.

A transcoder installed in this platform will transcode this RTMP stream in HLS which results content will be played in many subscriber end devices. So This platform is responsible for Encoding, Transcoding , DRM and CMS.

Also Ad server is installed to insert the ads in streaming content. Which generate the revenue for OTT service provider. Wh This 100% ocmission will be paid to service provider via payment gateway installed in MUVI.

A OTT service provider needs to just sign up on this platform. After that he needs to upload his high quality content for encoding and transcoding for streaming the content.

Rest of the technical work will be done by MUVI OTT Platform.

How To Start Your Own OTT LIVE Channel Streaming On MUVI ?

best ott serice provider for live channel streaming muvi

If you wants to start your own OTT LIVE Channel on MUVI then it is very easy process. Follow these steps to do so,

(1) First SIGN UP on MUVI. Select the plan as per your need. you can start with MUVI Standard Plan. It also provide 15 days Trial Period to experience its features.

(2) Then enter your correct details and sumit.

(3) Now make your payment.

(4) Now you will find its default UI.

(5) Now you can upload your VOD or LIVE content then configure for encoding and transcoding. After it will start streaming content.

(6) Initially you would be provided its default apps to run then content. After that you need to submit your branding detail then they will make app for you.

What Are The Features Of Best OTT Service Platform Muvi ?

best streaming live service ott features

(1) LIVE Channels Streaming

If you are a MSO running Digital Headend or LCO or even a new service provider wants to start your own OTT LIVE channels with your branding then you can go for these pre Developed OTT Platforms.

These platforms are so designed that you need to send them raw feed of your content rest of the work will be done by them from encoding to transcoding to content protection to streaming etc.

(2) Build Video CMS Website Business

If you wants to build your own branded Video CMS Website then you can go with MUVI (Pre Developed OTT Platform).

Youtube and Vimeo are the example of these OTT platforms.

(3) Build Audio CMS Website Business

You can also build your Audio CMS website which is have your bran name. It is used to stream the audio channel.

(4) Build Ecommerce Website Business

This platform also facilitate you to build your own ecommerce website for selling physical as well as virtual products online. Example of ecommerce website are,



(5) VOD Content Streaming

You can also stream your Video On Demand Content. You need to upload your content online in this platform. This platform have its own video cms which manage its library.

The service provider needs only to send the content to this platform by uploading high quality media files. After that it will encode and transcode the file automatically for streaming the content.

(6) Do your Business Branding

These platforms facilitate you do your personal business branding. Where a service provider is providing their services from MUVI but there will not be any branding of MUVI at customer side interface.

So that service provide can leaverage his branding overn content playing.

(6) DRM Content Security

This OTT Platform have its DRM security for content playing. Which does the security of publisher’s content from piracy or un authorized access.

(7) Watermark Feature

MUVI OTT platform also provides watermark facility to the content. Where your watermark can be full transparent inside the content.

Which save from rebroadcasting of content.

(8) Supported Apps Platforms

It does support Android Apps, iOS Apps and Roku app for playing the content at subscriber end.

These app will be build on your ID and submitted in Google Play Store or Apple Store or Roku Store accordingly.

What Are Applications Of MUVI ?

applications of muvi ott platform

(1) Video On Demand Applications Like Netflix, Hulu and Disney.

(2) Audio On Demand Application Spotify & Saavn

(3) Start Your Own Branded LIVE Streaming Channel using its inbuilt Playout Software. It is very helpful for cable tv MSOs which wants to have their local channels Over The Top.

So that it can be played in various Operating Systems like Android , iOS Windows and Roku etc.

or Video LIVE Streaming App Like Periscope

(4) Audio LIVE Streaming or Your Online Radio Channel like Pandora

(5) E-sports Professional Gaming Like Twitch and Mixer

(6) E -Learning Application like Udemy

(7) Podcast Application like Souncloud

(8) Social Networking Application like Tik Tok

(9) Your Own Branded Meditation app like Calm

(10) Video First gaming app like HQ Trivia

(11) Build you own branded fitness app like Peloton.

What Is Price Of OTT Service Platform MUVI ?

price of best ott service platform

If you want to start your own live channel then you need to sign up first. Where you need to choose your plan and can start with it.

There are different plans available for this platform registration. It comes with 4 plans mentioned below,

(1) MUVI Standard cost $399

(2) MUVI Professional cost $1499

(3) MUVI Enterprise cost $3900

(4) MUVI Ultimate cost $8900

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Pre developed OTT platform is useful to build various cloud based business. These business can be LIVE channel streaming, Video CMS and Audio CMS etc.

Any service provider who wants to launch his OTT LIVE channel instantly can go with MUVI. Because this system is user friendly and easy to start in minimum time.

Where you need to sign up and upload your content only. Rest of the things will be done by them. This is the smart way of OTT Solution.

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