What Is Backhaul ? How Backhaul Works For DVB & Telecom Industries ? What Is ptp Backhaul ?

What Is Backhaul

Introduction Of Backhaul

Telecom links are widely using in various sectors to send the data from one side to another side by using the Optical Fiber Cables .

Digital Video Broadcasting Industry or Streaming Media Industry also using these links to get the data from one place to another in very small period of time.

So today in the article we will get to know that how back-hauling is done by using these type of links in Telecom Industry as well as in Digital Video Broadcasting Industry.

Before it lets have a look at what is backhaul.

What Is Backhaul ?

What Is Backhaul

Backhaul is a type of telecom link to connect remote locations with central offices. It can be wired and wireless link too For wired backhaul link Optical Fiber Cable is used while in case of wireless transmitter and receiver system is used.

In simple words ,

Backhaul is a type of connection at back end which is used in different industries. Like telecom industry and Digital Video Broadcasting industry.

Lets now discuss about how it is implemented in these two industries.

How Backhaul Works For DVB Industry ?

(1) Streaming Media Backhauling

Streaming Media Backhauling

As shown above in the figure, there are two encoders which are having feed from two different sources. One is from Live Events and second one is from Broadcaster IRD.

Now these signals from these two different sources are going into the encoder for encoding. After the encoding it is streamed to the public network. From where it goes into the Media Gateway.

This Media Gateway gives HLS streams as output to deliver services in various platforms.

Now the link from Encoders to Media Gateway comes under the backhauling. This is optical Fiber Link.

In this case if you will use SRT protocol (Secure Reliable Transport Protocol) for communication then it will be beneficial for you in terms of network congestion over public internet.

Explain Me How SRT will be beneficial for me ?

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(2) Uplink Station Backhauling

Uplink Station Backhauling

The link between Uplink Station and Media Source in field comes under backhauling. The Media Source is in the field. Which is serving the content to uplink Station This station uplink the content by adding more content in it to the satellite for down-linking by subscribers.

So the link between the Uplink Station and Field Media Source can be wired or wireless. Where a wired link is done by using the OFC. While wireless represents the transmitter and receiver system.

This is called the backhaul.

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How Backhaul Works For Telecom Industry ?

How Backhaul Works For Telecom Industry

As shown above in the figure, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is connected to the base stations towers in wireless manner.

These base station towers are serving the internet services to different kind of subscribers available in that place.

So the link between these Base Stations and ISP is called the ptp backhual.This link can be wired as well via OFC.

This is all about the phenomenon of how backhual works.

Conclusion Of Backhaul

Backhaul Definition is to establish a connection between remote side and Server side for transfer of data, voice and video. Which can be Wired (OFC) as well as wireless. This is called the backhauling.

The connection between base station tower and ISP (central office) is known as ptp backhaul.

A backhaul connection can also be established in between a Editing Studio and a Recording device in field. This recording device sends the raw video to the editing studio. This studio edit the video and make it ready for final broadcasting.

So backhaul term is implemented in various industries as per their need. But works for same function.

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