AWS Elemental Link – What Is This Device & How It Works For Streaming Media Content ?

aws elemental link


As we all knows Streaming Media Industry is growing rapidly. Various companies have already launched their on premises LIVE Streaming devices.

There are huge number of LIVE Streaming devices manufactured by different companies. They leveraging the smart streaming protocol to deliver their services on high congestion network easily with saving bandwidth consumption.

So today in this article we will discuss about one of the on premises LIVE streaming device AWS Elemental Link.

What Is AWS Elemental Link ?

aws elemental link device front panel

AWS Elemental Link is a on premises LIVE Streaming Device developed by Amazon Web Services. This is small compact and light weighted (less than 450 grams) stand alone device having great features of LIVE Streaming.

This is fast and easy to setup portable device. Also it is silent device with less amount of heat generation.

This device is installed in the field where LIVE Event is going on. It accepts the two video inputs as 3G-SDI and HDMI. It have one Ethernet port that support the PoE (Power Over Ethernet).

It also have one USB port too as shown below in image,

aws elemental link rear panel

How Does AWS Elemental Link Works ?

aws elemental link working diagram

As shown above in the figure a video source is connected with AWS Elemental Link as input. Where this input can be SDI or HDMI. Then Elemental LINK compress the video and make it ready for streaming on internet.

Which goes as input in the AWS Elemental MediaLive which is cloud based platform. Where LIVE Video encoding is done.

Then it goes for Packaging and distribution via CDN Network for final delivery in subscriber end devices like Tablets, Smartphones and Laptops etc.

This AWS Elemental Link device can be managed by MediaLive AWS Management Console centrally.

aws elemental link is streaming the content

This device is associated with your AWS account. When this device is shipped to you then it is fully configured first for your AWS Account. So that you no need to configure this device.

It makes this device ready to use for you. Where you just need to input the power, Video source and connect with Ethernet. Then this device will start streaming with in a minute.

Then your AWS Elemental MediaLive should be ready for input stream for further distribution in network to user end.

This device uses the Advanced Video Compression Standard for streaming content. Which results delivering of high quality video in high network congestion.

You can buy this device in $995 excluding Taxes, shipping and Media LIVE cost from Amazon Web Services.


AWS Elemental LINK is easy to use, fast, plug and play video streaming device from Amazon Web Services. Where you need to have amazon web services account to use this device.

You just need to connect it with video source and internet then AWS Elemental MediaLive for broadcasting in network.

reference : amazon web services

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