What Are AI Tools That Can Impact On Video Advertising Industry And How?

What Are AI Tools


New technologies like DLT & AI are implementing in each and every sector for its growth. Where DLT represents the Distributed Ledger Technology and AI for Artificial Intelligence.

Blockchain Technology is the part of Distributed Ledger Technology. If you want to know more about Blockchain Technology in brief then we have already covered this topic in our other article mentioned below,

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AI is also playing an important role in revolving the streaming media industry. Our main concern here is that how AI Tools can impact the video advertising industry.

Lets now first discuss about What are these AI tools which can impact the video advertising platforms.

What Are AI Tools For Video Advertising ?

What Are AI Tools For Video Advertising

(1) Video Analysis AI Tool

This one is the main and complex tool of AI. It is used to detect the objects in the video or images.

To detect these objects we need to educate this tool more and more about different kind of objects. More objects this tool will learn better will be efficiency of the Tool.

This tool not only detect the objects in the video or images but also it detects the many more details about video or image. Like Expressions of human being , colors and Behavior etc.

If you really wants to know more about this kind of tool in brief with example then read our other article mentioned below,

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(2) Audio Analysis AI Tool

Consumption of video is increasing year by year. Simultaneously the people who are not having time to watch video are going for podcasts. Thus they are consuming the audios only.

So there is bright future in audio consumption industry too. Where this Audio Analysis AI Tool is going to play very important role in it. Because it is capable to convert the Audios into Texts and Texts into audios as well.

Although this tool is not having that much great percentage of efficiency. But due to large demand of audio content consumption rate it will be more accurate than now.

Also there are some additional features which is implementing in that like detection of Barking sound of Dogs and sssshhhhh sound to silent etc.

Thus these additional features will make Audio AI demand more and more.

(3) Text Analysis AI Tool

Text based analysis AI tool is also important. Because it understand the texts or sentences and finds it is familiar or not. Also it finds the right keywords in the texts which are helpful in categorization of texts.

Where it will use the computational power to understand the topic of texts or sentences. Then it will be separated according its category.

We are describing below some type of add ons which will boost the AI implementation.

(A) User Based Add on

This Add on is helpful because it is used to collect the users demographic details, Behaviors and past records etc.

It can be called as User’s data Collection.

(B) Environmental Add On

It is used to know the current trends of social media and weather conditions etc. This information is very helpful for advertising point of view.

Thus this kind of add on is used to define the digital and physical environment of user.

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How AI Tools Can Impact On Video Advertising Industry ?

AI Tools Impact On Video Advertising Industry

(1) Targeted Advertising

This is very important thing after implementation of AI in Advertising Industry. Because now viewers will see the relevant ads in the videos.

Because AI will gather the users data. Where his past searches will be included. Now AI will analysis the data. Then after it will display the ads relevant the users interests.

Also this data will be updated according to current searches and behavior of users. So in this case a viewer will be targeted for ads of interested products only.

(2) Right Ad Placement

The position of ads should be monitored carefully. Which will be done by AI. Because it will place the ads inside the video at different places and will analyse it for some time.

It will analysis that where and what size of ads do i needs to place in the video content so that it can get high Click Through Rate.

(3) Increase In Revenue

There will be increase in the revenue of the service provider. Because users will see the relevant ads and there are high chances of clicking on these ads. After that, they can buy these products. It is in case of Pay Per Click revenue based model.

So revenue of both advertiser and service provider will be increased. Because ads are targeting to the targeted audience only.

(3) User Experience

It will provide the good user experience to users. Because subscribers like to watch the ads which are relevant to their interest only.

Also, they will get their product and services easily. They need not to search now, individually for their specific need. Because ads will educate the subscribers for new products and services.

It will save time and effort of subscribers.

Conclusion Of AI Tools

Conclusion Of AI Tools

Implementation of AI in streaming media industry is increasing the revenue of both service provider and advertisers. Also the subscriber is happy to see the interesting ads.

Various companies are using these tools to provide good services to their subscribers. Because it is increasing the frequency of selling products for advertisers.

On the other hand, the advertisers are happy because now they are not investing the money in non targeted audience like traditional way of advertising.

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